Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Philip Shutze's roof-top picnic grounds has a faulty tower.

Architecture Tourists like you and me take advantage of every opportunity.

I had to go to my bone doc to see this. Looking north from the 19th floor of the Emory Midtown Hospital, I could see the Emily Winship Woodruff Maternity Center at Crawford Long Hospital by Philip Trammell Shutze et al 1945.

Now that you know it's there, keep your eye out for the "temple on the roof" and the two flat-top towers.

It's mostly hidden but you can spot the roof from many places in Midtown.

The view is pretty good from the top floor of the parking deck.

Architecture Tourists always park on the top floor, right?

It's nice to see details 9 stories up.

Here is the view through the window glare.

In 1945, I don't think the architects intended for anyone to see this view.

There are picnic tables up there.

I've been there. I lost my work ID near the hospital and someone turned it in. Hospital Security was on the top floor so that's were I went to pick it up.

I was up there before they built the 19 story building. There were rocking chairs and a truly extraordinary view south towards downtown Atlanta.

The west tower has Flemish bond all the way up. I admire the designers and the masons. The crisp corners make a difference to the eye from miles away.

I like the idea that these decorative towers, had a practical purpose. I don't know the purpose - probably heating / cooling / ventilation - but I can imagine the conversations between designers, engineers, and budgeteers.

What is the story with the faulty east tower?

I hope they have their top people working on it.

Actually it's just a reflection. Thanks to "Anonymous" for the tip. I looked like hole to me so I returned for another picture.

Let's review: Emory Midtown Hospital, formerly Crawford Long, the best architecture views in town, for a hospital. I'll also award a prize to Atlanta Medical Center's maternity floor for the best view of Atlanta's downtown.

View to the northwest and Georgia Tech.

Look east from the parking lot. The awesome W. W. Orr Doctors' Building (1930) and the hospital Lobby frame some of the last bits of the old commercial charm on Peachtree.

The Art Deco Orr Building is one of my very favorite Atlanta Buildings. It's so elegant, it rewards every time.


  1. Faulty east tower. Trick question? Water ponding with reflection of Bank of America tower.
    WW Orr: If you haven't been in the lobby lately, you should go in. Great stone floor was uncovered in the renovation after being covered by nasty carpet for decades. Beautiful elevator lobby doors. Also, the building was advertised as "fire proof" when it was built because it replaced a prominent wood framed apartment building that was destroyed by fire. It had a spiral slide fire escape from the top floor to the lobby that emptied those sliding into the main lobby. I've never seen one like it. Unfortunately, it was removed over various renovations.

  2. Spiral slide, wow. I've been inside the Orr but that was before I was paying attention. I'll be back over there today at 3, maybe I can see more.

  3. years ago my eye doctor was in the Orr... I loved going to see him because of the building which impressed even a teenager

  4. It’s been a year now. I hope they’d already drained the water and cleaned the whole roof before some algae or other harmful fungal material, which could affect the air quality in the building, thrives there. I think the management should seek the services of a roofing company to inspect the building once in a while to keep it in good condition. This way, more people will also be able to appreciate the view.
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