Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jane's rental to the Queen from the Telephone Factory roof

I go to events so I can enjoy the buildings. I usually enjoy the events too. That's the case with my 3rd Telephone Factory Art Show and Sale. I'll see you there next December, OK?

Artist Emily D. Cameron was showing.

We sent a full 4-person Architecture Tourist Loft Expedition team: JoAnn, Michelle, David and me.

The artists were friendly: Barbara Rush, D. Lammie Hanson, me, and Lanette Gallagher.

It wasn't long before we found our way to the roof top deck for a video panorama. Watch carefully beginning at 0:30.

To get your bearings. We start facing west toward downtown, we look down at the Beltline, then Midtown, Buckhead, toward Virginia Highlands, Jane's place is due east, to the south is the Beltline.

The top floor was Jane Fonda's Atlanta Home. It's right next door to the Telephone Factory, a stones throw from the Carter Center. Jane has moved out. You'll probably enjoy "Queen Latifah rents Jane Fonda's Atlanta condo."

P1020877-2011-12-04-Telephone-Factory-Tour-Show-artists-Marc-Villanueva on left
We bought some small works by artist Marc Villanueva (left).

I fell in love with grandma's pink oven doors, they flatter my gray hair don't you think?

Artist Keith Rosemond II.

By Artist Stacie Uhinck Rose.

Artist Russell Grantham (right) does flags, and everything else.

Lost and found?

I met pottery artist Lori Buff (left) at the factory 2 years ago. This time JoAnn and I fell in love with and bought Lori's little blue vase decorated somehow with horse hair. but no horses were harmed. You can't see the vase until Christmas. Look for Lori next year in 102, a wonderful corner loft.

I met artist/photographer Susan Poindexter (right) at a past tour. She prints architecture photos on fabric. This is an Architecture Tourist "2-fer". She made a sale while we watched.

Adam Wellborn who can do do everything posed with a work in progress. It approached photo-realism even at this stage.

Artist, animator Alexander Wright when combined with Jennie Juechter is known as "Urban Attic.

JoAnn loved the kid at the fence tryptic metamorphosis.

And what do you know: I finally met Isadora!

Artist / Photographer Isadora Pennington did "Isadora's Doodles," legal, building-sized graffiti in the Old 4th Ward.

P6180408-Irwin-Street-Market-West-Facade-Engagement-Pictures-Isadora's Doodles
Isadora's Doodles as backdrop for engagement pictures.

I love the old cafeteria in the factory. It's on the SW corner with huge windows and curvy roof. It's a great room, I think.

These by Jeffrey Wilcox Paclipan looked like stained glass windows.

I met Demone Phelps 2 years ago at the factory. This is just a bit of what he showed.

Mohammed el Ganouby did color, color, color.

These three by Nathan Bailey seemed to emit their own light.

I met Curt Osmundsen 2 years ago at the factory.

That's not all but we needed a little rest.


  1. Thanks for sharing with someone who could not attend. "There for the buildings" is marvelous. Last night I told someone, "I'm here for the clothes."

  2. Unexpected encounters are fun.

  3. Excellent work of art you featured here. I enjoyed going through this post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the overview - I had to miss this year, but will definitely be there for '12. Great spaces, wonderful building.


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