Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas 2 - The BBQ from Home & Cheerwine

We architecture tourists are neither snobs nor purists when it comes to BBQ. We don't even care how you spell it.

But around Christmas time a whiff of Kepley's Bar-B-Q from High Point brings back memories we don't even have words for.

We are long gone from High Point and we don't get through there much anymore. So we've taken to having it shipped.

And it's so easy.

Our batch arrived today and made our place look and smell better.

This year it's 5 pounds BBQ, 2 quarts slaw, 6 dozen hush puppies, and one bottle of sauce.

It's pretty simple:
Barbecue: Warm at 200 degrees, stir barbecue from bottom to moisten. Heat 15-20 minutes. DO NOT HEAT IN ALUMINUM CONTAINERS (due to vinegar base sauce).
Some folks are fond of Cheerwine with their BBQ, It's a bit more available than it used to be. You can click here to find Cheerwine in your neighborhood.

Last year we sent our beverage committee to David's Produce 3561 Lavista Road Decatur, GA 30033. It's a wonderful place.

You needn't be nervous about ordering from Kepleys. Just call 336-884-1021. They know exactly what to do.

You might even talk with owner, Bob Burleson (on the right) who was kind enough to have his picture taken with me.

Merry BBQ Christmas to you and all your loved ones.


  1. When you discover a good BBQ place you never forget, we found one in Arkansas called Burl's Country Smoke House and they don't have a web presence, some day I hope to get back there, happy holidays.

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