Friday, December 9, 2011

Prominent Teardown/Poptop on North Highland -Part 2

It should be better than than "a place you just want to get through."

This is an important neighborhood intersection with a traffic light. The renovation of the house on the NE corner will make a difference. (Continued from "Part 1.)

This place has been a constant in my life for more than 30 years. I feel sentimental about it though my brain mostly tunes it out.

Here is the corner house scorecard. Each is a terminal vista.
Here is the SE house from the western approach facing east in the right turn lane.

A close look reveals some seriously good detailing. It's a busy place. I understand the excess bushiness.

If we're going straight or turning left, we see the poptop on the NE corner.

P1020937-2011-12-06-1325 NORTH-HIGHLAND-poptop-demo-blue-tarp
It's looking blue.

From the eastern approach on Morningside (facing west) we see the belle of the ball, Anshi S'fard. It's on the SW corner. This was converted from residential in the late 40's / ealy 50's. It "honors" the corner by being kitty-cornered, facing smack into the center of the intersection. That makes a difference.

What columns, what a porch, it's sturdy and solid; it faces out; it welcomes in.

The northern approach looking south on Highland also features Anshi S'fard and the side of the next house.

Pretty good even in the rain.

This is the southern approach on Highland looking north. The NW terminal vista is a line of 1-story jobs.

This is such a familiar sight, not a landmark view but interesting. With hips, gables, bricks, chimneys, stucco, and paneling there is genuine variety, far more than we'd find in similar houses built lately. It keeps me interested.

I think the corner house is multi-family. The hedge, always neatly trimmed, offers a bit of privacy.

This is very early in the story. I'll get back to you.

Let's have another look at Anshi S'fard before we go.


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