Sunday, August 1, 2010

After my epiphany I confessed to the architects

I hated one of their projects. I'm happy I had a chance to make amends. I'm even happier to discover something unexpected that stretched my brain a little.

Here are the principals of the Atlanta design firm, blgds, architects David Yocum and Brian Bell.

Clark Goodwin (thanks Clark) had been pestering me to attend Switch Modern's monthly Spotlight on Design events. He said they had great wine and cheese. Quite a nice store too, beautiful even if you aren't totally devoted to modern. You can find out more about Switch Modern Showcases from their blog.

The felt shopping bags and Roy Otwell's fuchsia britches really pop.

This is the house in question. I watched them build it. It's a couple of blocks from my son's place in the Old 4th Ward, a new modern house cheek to jowl with shotgun mill houses. Here is a bit of the street facade. The reflection shows a typical nieghbor.

I started doubting myself in September when Claire Watkins at High Gloss Blue visited and blogged the house. She loved it.

So when the Modern Atlanta 10 House Tour rolled around, Katherine and I toured this one first.

I fell in love before I even reached the front door. I felt good everywhere. It's compact, clever, and complex but comfortable and delightful at every turn. Claire explains it better than I can.

Here are David and Brian setting up.

Here is Brian Bell with help from SWITCH co-owner Doug Henderson (glasses). I'm sure there were many designers and architects in the room. On the right is Rick Hatch, a principal with Harrison Design Associates.

Co-owners of Switch Modern Doug Henderson and Roy Otwell did the introductions.

The crowd gathered.

And what a show.

So I made amends with David and Brian and I tipped my hat to Claire at High Gloss Blue. And I promise to hate less until I see the whole thing.

Thanks to bldgs, Switch Modern, and to Liz Lapidus Public Relations who managed the event. Liz's staff helped me feel right at home. I can't wait until next month's showcase.

P.S. Switch Modern is across the street from the industrial gothic White Provision building. It's one of the jewels of West Atlanta.


  1. We all know what its like to have a knee jerk reaction because of incomplete information or preconceived ideas... to then later realize we were only shorting ourselves...

    Looks like a great turn out!... would love to see the photos without so many of the bodies in the way... ~Terri

  2. Mine wasn't exactly knee-jerk. I cultivated it for more than a year. David Yocum sympathized with me, saying that their exteriors could be tough to take.

    I still reserve the right to dislike. I've been trying to love Marcel Breuer's central library in Atlanta since 1980. Time is running out on me.

  3. Thank you for the post--almost like I were there. :) And I would have worn my fushia britches, too. Do you think that would have been awkward?

    Thank you for the link to Claire's post, too. Good to read the owners' interview, too.

  4. This is how it starts. I predict you're going to be a full-fledged modernist before long! HA!

  5. Just saw this post! Thanks for the shout out Terry! Ally is right, this is how it starts.

    I describe modern architecture as I describe modern art; it's shy. Instead of welcoming the viewer to enjoy it, as classically inspired pieces do, modern viewers must take their own initiative. Go inside, ask questions, look around, stare, touch, experience. Do this and little by little modernist pieces reveal all their surprises and beauty.

    In the mean time, Liz Lapidus PR needs to do a better job of promoting events such as these! I want to go!


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