Friday, August 20, 2010

Visit Wonderful Whitespace Gallery at Dusk

My first visit to whitespace overwhelmed me. So did the second. The setting is magic: a gallery hidden in a garden goes cinematic after dark. It feels good, a lovable Atlanta space.

Whitespace - or whitespace is the total package for architecture tourists, art lovers, history lovers, garden lovers, southern evening lovers - lover lovers too. It's on Edgewood, 2 1/2 blocks east of Krog Street in Inman Park. Here are the vitals: whitespace website whitespace on Facebook and the whitespace blog

I advise arriving at whitespace just before dusk on Saturday, August 21, 2010. It will be open for the Atlanta Gallery Association's Citywide Art Walk. You'll be able to see it in the light and in the dark.

You could drive by 100 times and never know it's there. But in the evenings, when there is a reception, this sign might catch your eye. Then you'll know.

Here is the daytime open look.

Whitespace is in the 1893 carriage house of a Victorian Mansion. Horses on one side carriages on the other. The restoration of the carriage house by David Yocum and Brain Bell of bldgs is a story in itself. The 107 year old building is still there to enjoy. It rewards study and repeated visits. Here are architects David Yocum left, Brian Bell right.

Here is the "left" gallery as it will look on the 21st. The work of Alison Foshe to the right, of Mery Lynn McCorkle on the back wall.

In the "right" gallery you might find curator/artist, Leslie Kneisel with work by Shirley Tse.

And witty work by Jon Rajkovic.

I'm not conveying the magic. Let's say you arrive just before sunset. You enter by the sign, cross the cobble like driveway. You crunch along on pea gravel beneath the bower-like canopy.

The huge Victorian looms on the right. To the left a high garden wall. Candles, an outdoor bar, it's a bigger space than you'd expect. But you feel cozy, embraced in the garden between house and wall.

Then take spin through the gallery.


By now it's dark. It's time to go. But not onto a sidewalk or parking lot. You exit into the candle lit, pea gravel garden full of people.

When you turn to look back at the gallery, you get cinema.



Here are the vitals again:
whitespace website
whitespace on Facebook
whitespace blog


  1. You have quite the social life! I need to check this out....looks like a perfect date night outing. Have a good weekend!

  2. Terry,
    Your description has me wanting to go right now!! I wish I could go tomorrow but already have plans. I will plan to make it there soon, and definetly at dusk as recommended.

  3. I'm loving that Alison Foshe wall of art. It's stunning. -c

  4. Alison Foshe extraordinary wall of art is 400 "broaches" each made of tacks. You can't tell until you are up close.


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