Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carnegie Cornice Completed.

The restored Carnegie building will soon re-open as Hotel Indigo Atlanta Downtown.

The flatiron shaped Carnagie Building lost a bit of it's cornice during the tornado of March 14, 2008. You can see the vine decoration missing on the left side of the point. Architect G. Lloyd Preacher designed it as the Wynne-Claughton Building. They are converting this wonderful building into a hotel and fixing the tornado damage in the process.


Fixed and beautiful. If you are downtown, don't forget to look up.

Thanks to Perry who suggested a map:

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  1. Love your blog, but have you thought of including (Google) map references?

  2. Perry. Very good idea. Here's a map.

  3. That cornice is gorgeous, glad they're restoring it. I wonder if the current Hotel Indigo downtown is moving. I think the existing one is near that same location...???

    In that same area, have you ever done a post on the art deco building on williams street that currently serves as a homeless shelter. It is really beautiful and I admire it every time I drive by. While I suppose their money has other priorities-I do think it deserves some loving care. Would love to know more and you're the perfect person to ask!

  4. No Claire. But the Orr building across the street and the entire blog that includes the Shakespeare Tavern is one of the best blocks in Atlanta. The view east from the Crawford Long parking deck is one of the greatest.

  5. Truly beautiful! Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Wow this is a stunning building! I'll have to check it out in person soon

  7. So glad to find you from High Gloss Blue....looks like I can learn more about my hometown from you!

  8. I will definitely look up the next time I'm that way...what marvelous details, and the craftsmanship...amazing

  9. To answer Claire's question: I wonder if the current Hotel Indigo downtown is moving. I think the existing one is near that same location...???

    The current Hotel Indigo is Atlanta 'Midtown' and it's not moving, the Carnage building is opening soon as Hotel Indigo Atlanta 'Downtown'.


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