Sunday, March 28, 2010

Teardown Paint Tests

I'm participating in Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch. Thanks to Susan!

Remember? Do you have an opinion on the paint colors?

They are testing exterior paint colors. I have my own opinions but I'd want many tests and as many professional opinions as possible. My pictures don't show the true colors. You have to present to win.

They've almost finished the stonework. The paint must compliment the stone and make it pop. There are plenty of colors to work with in the stone.

The stone massing is quite shapely don't you think? I call it "Auburn School." (See this from McAlpine Tankersly or this from Dungan Nequette or this from Ruard Veltman or this from Summerour.)

It's asymmetrical but balanced: Height to the left. Low bulk to the right. The curved buttresses at the top of the stairs and right foundation visually support the mass, compensate for the missing bulk of the alcove where the garage doors will be recessed.

They've been test colors for more than a week. Testing siding and trim, in the sun and the shade. In this picture there are 3 siding colors and at least 2 trim colors. The muntins are in their final color.

The tests have a trend: The walls get darker as the trim gets lighter, less contrast between wall and trim, more contrast between wall and stone.


Of course, it needs to make it neighbors look great too.

I don't like calling this a tear-down any more.

Thanks so much.


Here is the whole project from the beginning.

Thanks to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. What a major undertaking, and your home is absolutely beautiful! I love all of the stonework and the beautiful windows you selected. I think any of the paint colors you've considered will work work beautifully!

    Kat :)

  2. I'm an Bama fan, so not liking the name "Auburn School." ;) I like the brown in the last photo the best. It's coming along!

    I hope you'll drop by AtticMag and give JaneT some advice for her headboard to bench project.


  3. Terry, I know you've love watching this home progress and thank you for sharing it with us. Do you know if the new owners are from Atlanta?

  4. Not my house. Owners are moving from nearby, probably less than a mile as the crow flies. Good move. At my house we love both Auburn and Bama, unless they are playing Georgia Tech or Georgia. Well at least Georgia Tech anyway.

  5. Good looking house. Hard to pick the best color. They all look good. Is the next door neighbor's house a similar color?

  6. Since you asked, I prefer the narrow strip under the front window and the windowframe colour to the left-half of the same window. I have enjoyed watching this series of posts from my home in London, England. Thank you.

  7. I am not sure which color I would pick, but I can't wait to see what they decide!

  8. Good grief. They've put more colors up today. I find this very exciting.

  9. Hi Terry,
    What a transformation! I love stuff like this I would be stalking the progress daily.

  10. I'm loving it Terry. The stonework is gorgeous!

    Giveaway is up on my site, do join in!

    Art by Karena

  11. Very cool, now that's getting close to the way it should be done! I like the one that seems to match the stone although i can't tell which one is better on either corner. The gray one doesn't relate to the dark stone so I don't like that one, it needs to be warmer and redder (or more yellow) in my opinion.

    Thanks for your comment so I could check this out!

  12. I cant decide it is a bit difficult to tell from the photo. Hopefully you will keep us updated on the progress so we can see the winner!

  13. I like the house (love the stonework) but cannot understand why they would clad the chimney in siding. It looks cheap. Also, still struggling with the rear part of the house that peeks out on the right: why yellow?

  14. I have been watching this on your blog since before the tear down. I like all the colors they are thinking about. My problem. If I was either neighbor I would not be happy will such a huge house next door. It just looks to big for the neighborhood, though I am basing my opinion on the houses on either side.

    Nice house though.

    visiting from BNOTP

  15. The whole house is getting painted. The yellow is the primed HardiePlank.

    The chimney is paneled and will make sense when painted out along with the other paneling around the house. There is another chimney you can't see from my pictures.

  16. They will paint the whole house. The yellow is the HardiPlank primer and thus will soon be gone. There are 2 chimneys, they are paneled and will tie in with other paneling on the exterior.

    That's really the main deal with watching construction. It's not over until it's over.

  17. Oh, I love following the progress of the teardown! Can't wait to see what they do with the yard either. I would like to see a lighter house color to make the stone pop and perhaps darker trim color on the windows. Can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I was wondering about the yellow too, so thanks for clearing it up. I'm not present, but I definitely have my opinions on which color they should choose!

  19. Wow -it's really looking great! Looks even more stately with that stone facade fronting the house on top of that hill. Beautiful.

  20. I really empathize with the owners of this property as finding paint colours is terribly difficult. It looks like they are doing a great job and it must be interesting to check their progress!

    Thanks for your comment about my two boys. They are already sick of their casts and we still have 5 weeks left! Thank goodness Easter is this weekend-maybe some chocolate eggs will take their mind off their injuries for a while!

    Best wishes for a very Happy Easter,

  21. I can't wait to see this project completed. I'm very interested in the colors they choose. It's hard to say without seeing the home in person but I can tell from the pictures that I definitely like the darker trim. For the main color I think I would like a color somewhere inbetween the two paints that they have on the front. I feel like the darker one is too gray and the lighter one is too brown. It needs to be right in the middle of those two. Thanks for the updates on this home. -Cristi

  22. So beautiful! I would definitely choose the most gray color on the far left in the photos. The warmer brown is too similar to the stone work and doesn't highlight any particular feature. The gray is more current and makes the darker gray stones pop. Good luck! I can't wait to see how it turns out!!



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