Saturday, March 20, 2010

Big Art in Castleberry Hill: Hense and "Blue Husky"

Caslteberry Point Lofts commissioned graffiti artist Hense and SCAD students David Fields, Chris Wright, and Will Young to do BIG art pieces. This is a detail from Hense.

If you've seen much Graffiti in Atlanta, you've seen the "Hense" tag. I'm fine with legal graffiti not so fine with illegal. In any case Hense is a major Atlanta artist able to manage large projects, difficult working conditions, and crews of assistants. He has worked internationally. Hense may well be the most "seen" Atlanta artist.

It's not the best time for downtown rentals so developer Jerry Miller commissioned 2 large scale works for the Castleberry Point retail space at the corner of Nelson and Walker Streets just south of Downtown Atlanta. This is from Hense. The girls at my house think it's a flower garden:
See the exit sign over the door? This thing is big.

This is the view from outside. See the blue to the right? That's "Blue Husky."

Blue Husky is more than 250 feet of plastic, lit from underneath, animated by huge fans.

Words and pictures fail me. A walk or drive by Blue Husky will reveal a huge but safe Tsunami-in-a-loft.

Here are the artists who created Blue Husky. Those men had been working hard on a mammoth scale.
Left to right:
David Fields (has a blog), Chris Wright, Will Young

A bit of video

The best way to see this is at the 2nd Friday Castleberry Hill Art Stroll. The next one on on April 9, 2010. The weather should be pretty good.

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