Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teardown Bones

It's a shock to find a once familiar house looking like this. It's as if a sci-fi ray gun dissolved the flesh but left the bones.

Morningside has some great old homes but it's not an historic district. Many are just old and tired. They don't suit the upscale demographic. Morningside is hot.

From what I understand, the more of the original house you keep, the easier the permitting process and perhaps the cheaper the build out. I guess every developer/builder/architect considers all the options and makes a choice.

But this is spooky.

There is a building permit sign but that's no guarantee that work will proceed.

We Morningsiders might wake up one day to find something like this next door.

I hope well financed experienced professionals are on top of it. This small house on a tiny lot will be a $million plus. It will probably sell in a hurry even in this market.

That's probably a good thing for us. Not so good if you live next door and the financing falls through.



  1. Interesting. I saw a similar style "re-do" over near the duck pond last year. I believe TS Adams architects did the design. You'll have to keep us posted.

  2. I love Morningside--have no fear, someone will snatch this up in the unlikely even it falls through!

  3. It is interesting to see a house with just the framing.

  4. I love it! I would be thrilled to see one of these in my neighborhood! A new use for something old. Please, keep us posted on it's progress! By the way, have you posted anything lately on the progress of the "Tear Down?"

  5. Hope to post the tear-down on Monday. They've done more stone and they are testing paint colors.

  6. The teardown bones house is owned by a family with young kids who plan on staying in the house for many years. This is not a developer's project.

  7. Thanks to Mr. fildawg, Excellent to know that. This is exactly what we did. We moved to a nearby 2 BR apartment for 8 months with 3 little kids. All the while they half tore down our house. At least the apartment had a pool. All my kids got chicken pox there.


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