Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Duck Pond Garden Tour this year

But I'm sure you'll enjoy these pictures from last year.

It was a bit rainy but Katherine and I had the best time.

Here is Katherine with Designer John Delong.

I hope the Peachtree Heights East neibhgorhood can host the Duck Pond Garden Tour in 2011. We'll let you know.

If you need a garden fix today, here is my slide-show from last year.



  1. Just asked my husband, who is on the PHENA neighborhood board, why there isn't a Garden Tour this year and he said it was a special event for the Centennial (2009). Not sure if it will become a regular event because the Spring fund raiser is the Ladies of the Lake Garden Party at the duck pond. This year it's on May 2 from 4-7pm. Here's a link:

  2. Amazing, you introduce me to things in Atlanta I would never known about.

    Hmm. Must be an opportunity in there, somehow, for someone. And we all win!

    Thanks Terry.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. I'm sure it was a big effort for everyone. More work for garden owners than a home tour I'd think. I'm glad we went last year.

  4. I love it when people open up their homes...I'm so curious about how people live. Wish we had something like that here.


  5. What fun! Too bad it won't go on this year. Here we have the Azalea Festival Garden Tour. I'm very busy as my latest garden will be the Ribbon Cutting Garden for the Historic Home Tour. It is just now being finished. Will post more for you to see of that one. Finally, any way of identifying the sweet little blue/purple blooming plants your kneeling next to under the bird bath? Is that Veronica repens per chance?

  6. Pam, I didn't know then, don't know now. Maybe you can tell from the full-sized picture:

  7. So sad! Looks like such a fabulous event!


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