Saturday, November 21, 2009

David Huff paintings at Mattress Factory


Here is David Huff (with hat) in his studio from last week's Mattress Factory Studio Tour post.


He was kind enough to invite me to his solo show last Friday night (11-20-09). It was perfect for Architecture Tourists: Seeing original art in one of Atlanta's original loft conversions. The building deserves it's own post. Right now let's see some of David's hyper vivid colors. These 2 could light up a stadium.


In fact I wanted to see them from a distance as with this Zen View:


I don't know the moment when abstract art started to appeal to me. From the first I guess. I haven't studied are so I don't have words for the art. But they communicate fine without them. And David printings reward deep looks and repeated visits.


This is an arch but...

David Huff is working with plastic sign board and outdoor sign paint to produce works like this. He said these could be heated and bent and applied to curved surfaces.


This one isn't so curvy. I only notice from the picture.


Hardly anyone I know has been to an artist's reception. I'd urge you to go to one. The artist will appreciate it, there is food and drink, they don't demand much time, and have a very flexible dress code. Nice folks from all stripes are usually just as mystified as you are about the art and the artist, mystified by how the art affects.


They might even think you are cool in your red sweatshirt taking pictures from a tiny tripod. See if you can spot me in the picture.



Thanks to David Huff for inviting me to his solo art show.

P.S Check out this 3-story neon sculpture in the Mattress Factory lobby.


Here are all the pictures:


  1. Very nice. Love his work~ from a distance, I see shades of Peter Max. Do you have a website address for us to browse and shop?

    P.S. Thanks for the photo of the porch for my Beach Cottage. You absolutely found the right one. What did you think of my interior tour? I'm interested in the Architecture tourist's thoughts!

  2. Great photos. Art receptions are one of my favorite things to do in Atlanta. The crowds are always so diverse and welcoming.

  3. I'm sad I missed it! I really like all of the colors!

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