Friday, November 6, 2009

Artists from the Buckhead Art Stroll, November, 2009

Rachel, Nick and I strolled Bennett Street. We started late and spent our time at Matre and TULA. We ran into fellow frequent strollers, Will Hooper (Will on Facebook) and Clark Goodwin. Still haven't been to a stroll? Did you know there is food and drink everywhere? Well there is. You can make these pictures big by clicking, then select "All sizes."

Cheryl Alifeld featured her underwater granddaughters: Charm Alert!!!


Jardiel Diaz Nunes is one of the three owners/artists of the new Trilogy Art Gallery.


Jardiel Diaz Nunes:


Alexi Torres Alonso is another Trilogy owner and very busy Atlanta muralist.


A work in progress by Alexi Torres Alonso. I regret not getting photos of the 3rd Trilogy parnter Marga Gabarret.


You can just see Barry Sons with his back to us in a his sweatshirt. Nick is standing next to Barry's "With Papa."


Barry's work puts you on the coast and bayou.


Becky Fried poses with her paintings and fabric designs.


Mimi Shaw produced this picture of Times Square for a New York office. The roses are real.


Kate Pendleton shares the space with Ms. Shaw. I couldn't convince her to pose. I liked these together.


That's all of the artist pictures but there is plenty more:

This is part of Cindy Neal's studio and gallery, great room, great rug.


Susan J. Blackmon featured these abstracts. I like the pale blues, greens and yellows together.


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia is in TULA. We could have spent hours looking. Their downstairs gallery was closed.


Matre Gallery's rooms are smallish and the owners use to it great effect. Steve Penley's statue of Liberty lights up the entire gallery.


Architecture tourist, blury Rachel:


Matre Gallery also featured Jane Filer. This is "Pilgrimage-To-Nel-Abby which is 42x48 inches of folksy delight.


I'm not sure I'd sit in this chair at Matre Gallery.


I think Cheryl Alifeld had as much fun as we did.


The next Buckhead Stroll is on December 4, 2009. Remember: Free Food and Drink.

Thanks so much. Thanks to all the artists and particularly those who talked with us and posed for pictures


All the above pictures and several more are in the slide show:

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