Friday, November 13, 2009

John Folsom, Todd Murphy, and Felice Sharp hosted by Astolfi Art


Above: Todd Murphy's glorious horse

Thanks to Clark Goodwin for telling me about the reception for John Folsom, Todd Murphy and Felice Sharp hosted by Astolfi Art at White Provision last night.

Here is one of John Folsom's dreamy low country landscapes.



Here are Felice Sharp's tall figures. I kept returning to them but could never get a good picture.


Atlanta's weather made it an inside-outside treat.



White Provision was looking particularly good last night.


As were Jules Cozine's amazing boots shown in false colors.


Here are all the pictures.



  1. I wish I had known that was happening! I am a huge huge fan of Todd Murphy. He actually inspired an entire series of work I am doing right now. I went to his opening at Jackson Fine Art last week where he displayed his new photographic series of birds and trees and light. While I think he has the Midas Touch and is an absolute genesis, I was not as impressed by these photos as I was by his other works of art. I actually got the chance to meet him, and he said that he knew my work!! He was talking about my interior photography work, but to be known by Todd Murphy seems like something to me... Anyway, I wish I had known about the opening last night, but I will definitely be making a trip by there in the near future. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. It was too crowded for me to meet the artists. And there is always a very understandable game of "hog the artist" at receptions.

    We're doing the Castleberry Stroll tonight and there are several openings I think. Maybe the AIA Atlanta tour of The Howard School tomorrow.

  3. I wish I had known! Todd Murphy is amazing and I have always admired his work. It looks like it was a great event! I'll have to check out that gallery next time I am on the West Side!

  4. Beautiful landscapes! I love the feel he creates with the dark tones and the way he allows some light through.

    You are always out galavanting aren't you Terry?

    Lucky you!



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