Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mattress Factory Artsts - WOW

We heard about the first holiday tour at Atlanta's Mattress Factory studios so David and I strolled over. Wow and wow again. You can make all these pictures bigger if you want: click on a picture and select "All sizes." The Mattress Factory is one block west of Oakland Cometary on Martin Luther King.

Todd Alexander: Didn't get a picture of Todd but here is part of his studio:



Maxwell Sebastian (right): He had so much to see in each painting that we had to keep looking and looking.



David Huff: Stunning crisp colors. Huge pieces. David has reception this weekend: Opening Reception artist David Huff this Friday, November 20, 7pm-10pm Mattress Factory Lofts 300 MLK JrDr SE Loft 126 Atlanta, GA 30312.


Nabil Mousa built frames while we gasped at his work.



Esteban Patino: Stunning we thought.



Anne Cox with Clark Goodwin (left) and David Kearns (right).


Allison Shockley does encaustics with great gestures.


Tony Hernandez (left) produces his iconic work in a huge studio.



John Folsom: We were very pleased to meet John. We saw his work at an opening last week at White Provision.


David and I like the factory as well as the art. Right outside John Folsom's door: TRAINS.


Here is the truck dock loggia and arbor. Excellent place to hang out.


Not your momma's bathroom:


There are many more pictures. I hope you will enjoy them if you have time to look.



  1. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! When you said mattress factory, I had not idea what you were talking about! Where is this place? What a treat... in the picture of the painting on the side of the stairs, are those chickens hanging? that grosses me out a little bit, but still looks like a cool painting!

  2. I am so not artsy. I just don't get it.

  3. LoriE, I'm not artsy either but don't have to be.

    Three things: These artists just can help themselves. It's in them and is going to come somehow someway, commercial or not, they've just gotta. Many do commercial art as a day job. One of them, Tony Hernandez, won album cover of the the year. I respect the courage it takes to show people your work.

    For me, being there, turning a corner and seeing something you've never seen is quite exciting. At tours like this you never know what's next. One out of 100 things might bowl me over and that's worth looking for.

    Third: there is the "If they can do it, why can't I" type of inspiration.

  4. As my reply email said.
    You make some good points Terry.
    I once asked an artist friend of mine how someone can paint a canvas red, put on a white stripe and try to sell it for hundreds of dollars and she simply said "ego".
    I guess you never know when serendipity will hit when you walk around one of those corners and come face to face with an unexpected piece that really brings out emotions in you.

  5. I always love to go to the Castleberry Art Stroll and loft tours like these. You are right you never know what you'll come to around the next corner. These people are trully talented and I admire them for doing what they love.

    Thanks for posting the link to those pictures. I actually made it into one of them. I'm the girl with the black and white dress that has the damask pattern on it about half-way through the slides. Did you take those pics? Were you there? If so good for you. I didn't take near enough crowd shots, none to be exact. It was a great event though. Hope you enjoyed yourself if you were there. -Cristi

  6. Wow, I enjoyed this. There is such a vibrant art scene here in Atlanta! I see some Terry in your son, it's great to see him on your explorations.

  7. Yummy, Terry. I love all these art events and studios you've been visiting. My eyes and ears to your life. My best, Tina.

  8. I like the painting with the pink and green; no geometry, little repetition-just shapes & colors playing together. My first thought was-wouldn't that make a dynamite textile, maybe a rug? Hmmm. Then I looked to the left and the right and the painting & what do I see but factory carts! How ironic. Just bought one for a client/slash friend Saturday and posted about it today (cause you know I got a steal).
    Oh its a small world!

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  10. Very nice - thanks for taking those images of some fantastic works.

    -- John

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