Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moving photos, people, and Arabesques at Besharat Gallery

I was moved unexpectedly by pictures, people and music in one serendipitous evening. Katherine's and Laura's smiles confirm the good times.

We started last Thursday evening at the White Provision art and loft tour. At 8 we half-hardheadedly headed to Besharat Gallery at Castleberry Hill. It was a reception for Steve McCurry and Parish Kohanim. I knew nothing.

Moving Photos
So, we entered Besharat. On one side were National Geographic style photos by Steve McCurry. We've seen these. Up close, they are uncannily real.

On the other were stunning fine art photographs by Atlanta Photographer Parish Kohanim.

And lots of happy people in the middle:

MOVING Pictures
Can a picture make you weep? Make me weep? Maybe I was in the mood: We three Architecture Tourists have found something special, unexpected. I don't know. This one made my eyes tear up. It's by Parish Kohanim, huge, layered, shiny: floating dancers twirling into a blur:

Your results may vary of course. I can't explain it. I kept returning. It kept it's magic. It didn't affect Katherine or Laura the same way but they appreciated what it did for me. What will happen when I see if again?

I kept returning to this portrait with a flower by Parish Kohanim. Against an impressionistic background, this woman seemed more real than the people in the gallery. The flower in her hand seemed supernaturally natural. Her slight smirk let us in.

Steve McCurry's subjects also seem to be in the room with us:


MOVING Arabesque #1, Claude Debussy
Dania McDonald Lane played harp for the reception. Perfect yet most folks pay little attention: A beautiful sound, a beautiful instrument that is fascinating to watch. And watch I did while looking at my hyper-real girl on the left.

After a bit more wandering around Ms. Lane started playing Debussy's Arabesque #1. I rushed to the harp, listened and watched from 3 feet away with misty eyes. Never this close.

You've heard it many times. It may even be your ring tone. You might enjoy listening while you finish this post:

Laura, a well traveled photographer herself, knew who Mr. McCurry was. Katherine and I took it on ourselves to get pictures with Mr. McCurry and Mr. Kohanim and to make sure Laura got to speak with them. Mission accomplished. Both were delightful.

Laura, Katherine, Steve McCurry, Darrell Lane, Parish Kohanim at Besharat Gallery - Reception Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mr. Kohanim enjoyed our crew:

Turns out that Mr. McCurry asked Laura questions:

This is a hard act to follow. But I toured more of the gallery, frequently returning to my red, ballet triptych. Does it still "get" me. Yes:

Outside, there is a deck with this amazing whatever it is:

For chair mavens:

Upstairs: Art and furniture:


It was a moving night. Thanks to White Provision. Besharat Gallery, Steve McCurry, Parish Kohanim, Dania McDonald Lane (and Claude Debussy), and Architecture Tourists: Laura at Exploring the World in Atlanta and Katherine.

What a great evening and a hard act to follow. We'll certainly try.

Oh, what about Debussy's 2nd Arabesque?


  1. Great photos, great evening-- thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't know why but I love that geisha girl in the subway.

  3. I sat behind you at the Pecha Kucha last night. Are you planning to post your videos? I would love to take a look!

  4. Ciambellina, you were??? No vids but here are a few poor pictures. I don't have a camera that has "what it takes."

  5. I enjoyed reading this post, and loved the Dubussy on the harp. When I was in college, I tutored a child who took harp lessons, and would occasionally take her to the lessons. The harp is a beautiful instrument.

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