Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teardown Week 7

It's been rainy, muddy, and messy since our last report, "Teardown Week 4." The building inspectors came, the erosion control inspectors came. Did I mention the rain? Finally it dried up. The architect, the supervisor, the surveyor, the grader arrived to figure out how exactly where and how deep to dig the hole.

I think the elevation of the basement is about 888' above sea level.

Here it was:

Here it is today. Lots of good Georgia clay:


Here is the whole sequence so far.



  1. Has the slope been kept or is the whole site being flattened? If you want to see some horrors that replaced perfactly respectable 50s and 60s houses look at Sherwood Forest, next to Ansley Park.

  2. They are keeping the slope but it will be right much bigger than it's neighbors.

    Sherwood Forrest and Lenox Park (as in Morningside / Lenox Park) have similarly sized lots with those big ranchers. Same thing is happening to both neighborhoods: "mansioning." Some of pretty good. I think my future will be happier with ranch house living.


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