Friday, October 30, 2009

Préparez vos mouchoirs - stuck song

"Get Out Your Handkerchiefs"
Last week Blue had a song stuck in his head. Not always a bad thing, I think. "Theme from Harry's Game" was written in human souls long before Clannad wrote it in 1982. I don't need the words.


  1. Hah, hah! I'm not even going to turn this on just in case ..

  2. So stirring. I just and view the images and wonder of all the lives before us who traversed the terrain and lived in the stone dwellings both great and small, during the warmth of summer, the cold of winter, the sweetness of spring, the melancholy of fall. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Please excuse Terry, I meant to type that I just viewed the images and wondered about all the lives before us who traversed the terrain - etc. I think I ate too many Snickers bars meant for the Trick or Treaters and I have brain fog. Again, lovely post, lovely music, incredibly beautiful.

  4. We're trying to hold the Snickers until about 10pm tomorrow, trying anyway. But this tune is good with chocolate.


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