Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teardown: Foundation and wet sticking, 10-23-09

Once they finished grading and the rain stopped, it took less that 48 hours to dig and pour the foundations. Getting it right is hugely important. The architect, supervisor, foundation guys, and surveyor, lay it out, measure and remeasure. "Measure twice; cut once."


So, what it wet sticking? After the pour, while the concrete was still "wet," they "stuck" in the vertical rebar. They remeasured, snapped chalk-lines, and measured them out.


Next the'll build the structure, assemble the wall forms, and pour the walls.

Here is the project so far.



  1. I think I might use this for class next semester - that is if I may download.

  2. Terry, this is going to be a great adventure watching this new structure being built. I know I for one will be glad once the rebar is no longer exposed. I am always so creeped out whenever I see that. Perhaps too many movies, I don't know. I am enjoying the view from here!

  3. You're awesome!

    If you're still up tonight would you do me a favor and vote for me - I'm in this little contest, and I'm losing by about 40 votes. You have a couple of hours left - the vote is for today Wednesday. Thanks xo xo
    Here's the link:

  4. I wonder what the Axelrod's would think about their old house being gone! How big is the new house supposed to be again?

  5. This series is a fascinating look... I usually miss all the "in between" stages.


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