Monday, September 21, 2009

Westside Art Walk, September 19, 2009, Atlanta

I did a brief solo run, hitting Emily Amy Gallery, Bobbe Gillis Gallery, Sandler Hudson Gallery, all showing original work offered by the artist/gallery. Kiang Gallery showed works for sale from collections billed as "Art Wants a New Home."

Kaing Gallery had an impressive variety but what caught my eye...well I thought something looked like Kathy Yancy's work and - sure enough - it was her Queen of Hearts Bowl. Kathy's work charms and haunts. It deserves a better picture that I can take.


I couldn't take my eye off Ida Kohlmeyer's Semiosis, 1984, the colors really appealed to me.


I can't resist Howard Finster, these are early works, considered most valuable of his 1000's of works.


Howard Finster, Angel is 15" x 50"


Howard Finster, Camel


Howard Finster, Cadalac


Howard Finster, left - Bust of Woman, right - Mona Lisa


Howard Finster Bust of Man


Howard Finster, The Messenger


Then to Sandler Hudson Gallery featuring Holle Black and her exhibition "an exaltation of larks". She was kind enough to pose with her humming birds, my favorite. Her eye-open picture was out of focus. I apologize.


Mario Petrirena was also showing at Sandler Hudson: "my mother's house and other struggles"



Then to Bobbe Gillis Gallery where I didn't take decent pictures. This is leftover from the last stroll, you'll need to hunt a bit to find it. I love it, I love the shadows too. Don't know the artist.


Finally, Emily Amy Gallery. I was there for the Collage Opeining last week. In the meantime Gary Bibb who is in the show sent me an email so I went back to photograph his work:


Which is from a set of 5.


This took less than an hour, from a single parking place. Not bad.

Here is the whole thing in a slideshow:

Thanks so much,


  1. Impressed that you braved the rain Saturday, Terry. Good thing you did, I, too, love Howard Finster. Thanks for putting the Kaing Gallery on my radar-looked up their art to see if any of it wanted to come to my house. There's a 6" tall Steve Penley of Andy Warhol, too- have a sinking feeling it will take more than the goodness of my heart to adopt it. Maybe I'll go visit...

  2. Thank you Terry for this. With all this rain and floods and sad stories we've had here in metro ATL it was soooo wonderful to come view happy art and read of your stroll. Everyone has something unique to offer, and it is always exciting to view other artist's work.

  3. Loved the wire sculpture. Are you headed on the loft tour this weekend?

  4. SA,
    Can't do loft tour, can't do Glenridge Hall. Have pleasant family activities. Last years' tour was fun. Lots of interesting lofts and art in the lofts and galleries. Hope you can do one and all. Le Flash at Castleberry Hill on Oct. 2 should be very cool.

  5. Love the camel and the hummingbirds and I have places for each in my livingroom!


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