Saturday, September 5, 2009

David Stephenson Dome Photos at Jackson Fine Art

These pictures, these domes take my breath away. By David Stephenson, Represented by Jackson Fine Art Atlanta. Please click here to see them.



  1. Just gorgeous! Reminds me of kaleidoscope patterns!

  2. I've been seeing your comments on The Skirted Roundtable and have been intending to pop over here to check out your site, but somehow never made it until today! Great Blog, by the way!

    Your comments on SRT are always so insightful and I find when I see your picture I always take the time to read your comment even if I'm reading no-one else’s!

    But the draw today - was your comment you left saying "the painted roundtable would be different" and I thought... This man is a witty genius! You should do it... The Painted Roundtable, that is... You'd be an instant success!

    I'll look forward to getting to know you through your blogs.
    Toma Haines

  3. Wow! I’m blown away with this one enthralling, breath taking art. The details were just amazing.

  4. David Stephenson is brilliant artist. His work is just spectacularly beautiful.

  5. Beautiful and inspirational. The domes are the perfect intersection of so many things I love - architecture, design, art.


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