Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Church Street, Lumber City, Georgia

We took the long way to the beach and back, mostly on the Golden Isles Parkway. We briefly scouted the small towns for architecture and ambiance. We were delighted to stumble on to Church Street at West Avenue in Lumber City (between McRae and Hazelhurst). The church caught our eye but these three houses in a row mesmerized too.


The first has new siding with lesser trim but it keeps its dignity. The second is a bit beat up but retains it's details. I love the minimal landscaping. Why are they here? We agreed that we'd be proud to live in houses this good. They are building these today in the best places.


I hope you'll click on the picture and select "all sizes" so you can see the details on the 2nd house. They make so much difference: wider window moldings, window boxes, a drip cap and wider board lapping over the foundation. Can you see the arched entry porch in the first house?

The star of the show is the Lumber City Methodist Church. It's a familiar design seen across the country. That doesn't make it one iota less beautiful.

P9270959-Lumber-City-Methodist Church

P9270960-Lumber-City-Methodist Church

This is just a bit from our trip following our architecture tourists' noses. To find Church Street turn south on 117, cross the tracks, and go 2 more blocks.

If you like these, I hope you'll visit Vanishing South Georgia, one of my heroes, a fellow Architecture Tourist.

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  1. A girl in one of my design classes was from Lumber City and I always wondered what it looked like. Thanks for the tour.

  2. love these! and, I love vanishing georgia blog. Some really great photos.

  3. So sweet, so wonderful. I couldn't help but think, as I often do when driving, power lines and telephone lines are so unsightly. But they sure were welcomed when they first came on the scene. Another interesting post, thank you.

  4. We drive that was to St. Simons sometimes too! I know exactly where Lumber City is. Have not gone off the beaten path though, thanks for the info! Love our small GA towns!

  5. That church is a beauty. You make me want to visit.

  6. The three houses are all the same. They were built by Capt. Day, a wealthy river boat captain who once ran a steamboat line out of Lumber city. The houses were built for his daughters. I suppose building them all the same eliminated any complaining from the daughters.


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