Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Construction Costs Down 10-15%?

Did everybody know this but me?

My friend Carl, the architect, called today to see if we were flooded. We aren't. I mentioned all the building going on in Morningside right now. He said of course, "If you have the money it's a great time to build."


Well, now I know. Thanks to Carl Bridgers at Holey Associates who has a kind way of making me think I knew it all along.


  1. Since we will not be moving anytime soon, perhaps now is the perfect time to do that kitchen addition I want.. we have a great big "side yard" that we never use and I want a larger kitchen. Hmmm. Of course, those pesky graduate school loans are still there.

  2. Cool picture! We're looking at houses in Denver this week - weighing the already fixed up houses with the not so much fixed up ones.... Good to know about the building costs.

  3. Yes, the economy is down and there are so many builders out of work. Therefore, follow the rules of supplay and demand. The demand for materials is down as well, which effects prices of materials in a positive way. Now is a great time to build -- it's never been better -- you can get the job done at a much lower cost than say, 3 years ago. If you have the cash, now is the time to either buy the home of your dreams OR build it!

  4. Thanks for the posts on this project. Are they salvaging much from this teardown? Can't wait to see what gets built here!

  5. I too had heard costs were down, but still had to wait quite a while for the contractor we like to become free to start our project. It seems the good people are still busy, at least in my area.

    I have an award to offer you, if you'd care to come on over to Struggling to be Stylish to collect it.

  6. I am curious about this. I have heard in general that building costs are down - but then I hear that materials are scarce because suppliers are keeping their inventory very low. There are some supplies where the price has come down, some where it has not. I wonder if the costs are down on the labor side. In a market like Atlanta, where the labor supply swelled during the 'go go' years, there seems to be a lot of construction people who are not working. I heard anecdotally that builders used to charge 15-17% for their services, and that number is down to about 10-12%.

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