Monday, September 14, 2009

Emily Amy Gallery Collage Opening, Cecil Touchon, and Brilliant Millie

The Architecture Tourist auxiliary went to Emily Amy Gallery's reception for "Contemporary Collage: Paper's Many Forms" on September 11th, 2009. If you click on these pictures, you can make them bigger.

We met Emily Amy owner of Atlanta's Emily Amy Gallery. We met Texas collage artist Cecil Touchon. We met Millie, author of Atlanta's Brilliant Asylum blog. We had a blast, we ate homemade rosemary cashews and chocolate chip cookies, we drank free beverages. Where were you?


Thanks to Millie for getting the word out and especially for introducing herself. Meeting a blogger in person is an honor and a delight.

Here is Emily Amy herself setting a high standard for gallery hosting. Notice: she's wearing a name tag. Did I mention the Emily Amy Gallery Blog?


Here is Katherine with wine glass, Cecil Touchon, the artist with camera, and Milie's hand.


Cecil did lots of collages, in lots of styles, in lots of sizes. These 3 greeted us as we entered the gallery. Click them to see the detail.


Cecil could not have been friendlier. Katherine and I had the nerve to ask him how he did it. And he told us. I don't think I'm giving anything away here but billboard droppings, Mexican wrestling posters, visual science, and acrylic medium were involved.

Katherine, Cecil Touchon, Millie (Brilliant Asylum), Emily (not Emily Amy)


is from:


The gallery is a pleasant space, the art well lit, the flow trough the gallery is exceptional, there aren't any bottlenecks. There are 3 1/2 "rooms," a back alley, and a little kitchen.


The other featured collage artist is Paul Rousso. He wasn't there but plenty of his amazing work was.


Have a look up close:


Mickey Mouse in French:


On the left is "Thesaurus." Like all of Mr. Rousso's work, I like it from every distance.


I hope you'll visit an Atlanta gallery, especially an opening. You can still enjoy these and more at Emily Amy Gallery including this matchbook blowup by Robert Mars.


Here are all my pictures from the opening:


  1. What fun! Love the graphic nature of Cecil Touchon's art work and how its installed. Haven't been to The Contemporary in too long, must get over there soon! Looks like a wonderful evening.

  2. Did you ever meet collage artist Mary Kistner? She was also a gardener. Thanks for posting so many pics of the event.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. I enjoyed this post most especially! Sounds like a wonderful evening, thanks for sharing such goodness with us all.

  4. Thanks Terry. It was nice to meet you and see Emily Amy's gorgeous show. Great photographs!

  5. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for joining my blog. I am excited to discover yours. I do need to learn more about the art galleries in Atlanta since I am only about 45min south. Looking forward to much more reading!

  6. Hi Terry, thanks so much for dropping by the front porch. Living near Atlanta, it was great to see some Atlanta galleries and art.

  7. Oh I wish I were there! Next one though- I'm in! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. How fun! Love all that modern art too.



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