Thursday, April 23, 2009

Design Road Trip - Georgia Tech Industrial Design

Hooked on Houses is hosting her "Hooked on Friday's" blog party: today I'm hooked on ID students.

"12 industrial design students from Georgia Tech go for the reality check of a lifetime in a four day immersive adventure to the big apple." They are junior industrial design students in ID3012C Intermediate Design II.


I want to tell you a bit about industrial design at Georgia Tech, the hardworking design students, and a remarkable teacher. I hope you'll go right to their website, "" and donate some money to them. Want to hear a bit of the story first?

"Damn it feels good to be a teacher" - David VanArsdale
One of the great things about Pecha Kucha is finding out about folks like David. Here he is presenting his 20 slides in 400 seconds.P4192680-Atlanta-Pecha-Kucha-VOL11-David-VanArsdale-ATL-to-NYC

David and his ID3012C class did it all.
  • They made the plan.
  • The arranged the visits via industry connections, former Tech students and others.
  • They designed the logo, the bags, the T-shirts, the vinyl sticker.
  • They raised the money from sponsors, donations, yard work, and Boston butts.
  • The rented the bus.
  • The made the marathon trip.
  • They live blogged it all.
Here is the bus with their logo:

They visited a bunch of design houses. I'd never heard of any of them (I don't get out much) but now I have. Here they are at Nulux.


Here are more:
They designed a memento for their hosts. Nice:


So what do they teach in Industrial Design at Georgia Tech?
Here is the undergraduate curriculum. I guess this may look familiar to some readers. What I notice is that they have to take Calculus and Physics!!! As a Tech Grad, let me tell you, Georgia Tech is hard. Calculus and Physics at Georgia Tech are "real hard."

The students are blogging it.
Want to know what today's design students are up to? Here are their blogs. I'm sure they'd enjoy your comments.

Right now they are working on their final projects.
"Four teams designing four workspaces. A barber, a banker, a bartender, and a barista!"

Yesterday at 3am:


Last but not least, David VanArsdale visiting instructor, Industrial Design Program, Georgia Tech. He did much more than he had to. His students will never forget. I salute him.

Thanks so much.

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  1. What an impressive group of students! Thank you for sharing with us this story. ~Arleen

  2. Thanks for posting this! My son is still in high school, wanting to apply to GT. He will be taking his first year of Calculus next year. He is number 6 in his class of 420 students, and is well on his way! He will totally enjoy their blogs.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Now I know someone who will appreciate the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets T-shirt my brother gave to me years ago!! :-)

    I think industrial design is fascinating. I wish I knew about it when I was in university.

    This sounds like a smart, talented, and dedicated group of students. Best of luck to them all :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Happy to read about the students and their trip. They pulled off something they will always remember. Good for them!

  5. All the best to these great students.

    Please stop by and enter my 200th post giveaway.

  6. I love that they're blogging about their experiences!

  7. it sounds like such a great experience! Thanks for sharing

  8. Great Blog Terry! What a great trip that just goes to show that many heads are better than one. Their future looks very bright! Industrial designers are some of the most talented people I know!


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