Saturday, April 25, 2009

Castleberry Hill Art Stroll April 24, 2009

See the slide show (bottom of the post) for more pictures.

Ever seen a carved crayon? Here is one by Diem Chau, at Kraus Gallery, more below.


Update: Jef Bredemeir wrote in with some more carved crayons by Pete Goldlust.

Our first stop was Studio Clout - Fine Art Gallery. Studio Clout was hosting the Senior Art Show for Spelman College art majors. The wonderful artists were all there. Have you ever met a Spelman woman? If you do, you are in for a treat. They are extraordinary. Sorry I didn't get pictures. Clout is a very nice gallery though, perfect for the event.

Next we visited Castleberry Point Lofts. for wine tasting. The wine shop will open in May. Here are our hosts, owners Nora and Shannon Wiley.
The wine shop's name is still secret. Keep your ears open. I'll bet they'll have another tasting.

We ran into Liliana (left) who grew up with my children. She was taking pictures for Loft Life Magazine.

We met Tod Ban who built the spectacular wine bottle racks.

Next we headed to Besharat Gallery. Amazing art, amazing space, you should just go. Really, just go. Here is Massoud Besharat himself with Architecture Tourists.

Here I am at Besharat with a new acquaintance.

We ran into another friend at Besharat, Atlanta painter and cartoonist Tom Ferguson. Tom came to Atlanta to restore the Atlanta Cyclorama.

Next, the Granite Room which was hosting an exhibition by the Atlanta non-profit, APE: Atlanta Photography Exhibit. Many photographers, many affordable photographs. Lots to see.

Thanks to Matthew Wilder (orange shirt) one of the APE directors explained what was going on.

Reginald (Reggie) Gillumo was across the street. I'm wish I'd taken more pictures, there is one more in the slideshow. He's a dymano. But by now our art stroll injuries were catching up to us.

Injuries or not, we soldiered on to Cartel Studios. to see this work by Jason Scott Kofke.

And to the Krause Gallery home of carved crayons.

Here are more carved crayons by Diem Chau. You have to get close.

Krause Gallery also had these wonderful 3-D bubble Plexiglas things in many colors by Wyatt C Graff

We met the Mad Man (white T-Shirt) about whom we know little except that this painting is one of his favorites, he has a nice smile, and clean T-Shirt! He was upstairs from Krause Gallery.

At Art House Coop we saw this "holey" man hoisting a glass:
P4240049-Art-House-GalleryCastleberry Hill Art's Stroll April 24, 2009

By now the Architecture Tourists were bloodied, blistered, and a bit wawm (perspiring). We hadn't seen it all but we needed to save our strength for other strolls.

We made the turn for home at amazing Peters Street / Walker Street corner and headed for home.

On the way back we met Tiger Stiles, the very friendly and entrepreneurial proprietor of Swagg House Studio, 294 Walker Street Atlanta, GA 30313. The Architecture Tourists were more than happy to help with promotion. Call 877.677.9244 to talk about free studio time.
Swagg House Studios
294 Walker St.,
Atlanta Ga.30313
1.877.MY.SWAGG ext-0

Here is the whole slide show with even more pictures.

Check it out in full screen.

Let's Stroll!!!


  1. What fun, Terry. This looks like a fantastic day.
    Those crayons are wild. I'm always amazed at what people can create.


  2. The carved crayon was really amazing. Look like a fun time! I have never been to Castleberry Hill, I am a bit ashamed to admit.

  3. Love the carved crayons. How intriguing! -susan


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