Saturday, April 4, 2009

We tour the Troy Peerless Lofts and art show.

With this post I'm joining Fifi Flowers' Fashionable Friday because what's more fashionable than a Friday night art show in an Atlanta loft building.

When someone invites your architecture tourists to a combination loft tour / artists show with free stuff food, it's the perfect storm
. And it's a very nice Friday evening in Atlanta. If you are already tired of reading this, just skip the bottom to see the slide show featuring the building, the lofts and the art.

Our friend Jerry Miller and his partners help turn derelict in-town Atlanta buildings and neighborhoods into places that attract folks back to in-town Atlanta. One of those areas, the northern most block of Glen Iris Drive, was home to scary, derelict buildings (with a cool hardware store). Thanks to Jerry, the block is now home to people in 3 new condo buildings, the rehabilitated 1929 Troy Peerless Building (and Cactus Car Wash). What a great town.

The 1929 Troy Peerless Building by Architect: Issac Moskowitz, is now the Troy Peerless Lofts. In those days you could expect art deco details on a commercial laundry.

It's a serious hard loft with breathtaking space and sawtooth skylights



Nabil Mousa P4032550-Troy-Peerless-Nabil-Mousa-Trees

Vanessa Reilly vanessa@vanessareilly.comP4032559-Troy-Peerless-Vanessa-Reilly-Birds


Vickie Martin

Colton Brown coltonbrown@mac.comP4032588-Troy-Peerless-Colton-Brown

Jef Bredemeier


Terry Owens


Make the show full screen.


  1. Terry, you are a tireless supporter of the arts and architecture scene in Atlanta! It was nice to see a picture of Vickie Martin, I had seen her art but never seen her. It is nice to see the artist behind the work - and it is nice to see pictures of you too!

    I love the architectural detail in the first few pictures. Atlanta is a great town, and you make me appreciate it even more.

  2. I am so glad to find your fantastic post about the art show at Troy Peerless Lofts. As a fine art consultant, I put together this event, along with many other art events in non-traditional venues. The marriage of art and real estate is a great combination, and provides an opportunity to meet the artists and view their work in an engaging manner.

    If anyone would like to receive invitations to future events, please contact me at


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