Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crunch - Trees Fall on Atlanta Homes

Julia over at Hooked on Houses is hosting her "Hooked on Friday's" blog party. They say Atlanta is a city in a park. Trees are the reason. Folks are loathe to cut even the most dangerous trees. They fall. Many fall on houses. Architecture Tourists hate to see houses crunched and families displaced.

So about 1:30 am on Tuesday we heard a big tree fall. The windstorm had ended about 11 am on Monday but trees were still falling. We headed out to make sure it didn't hit our house.

Many trees fell on Atlanta homes that day. One man was killed when a tree fell on his truck, but nobody was killed in a home this time.

This super charmer is in Druid Hills. Check out the shutters, giant orange azalea, and huge tree that's still standing. Not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the whole house leans to to the left. It's a goner.

It happens every year. Atlanta is packed with huge mature trees particularly our older neighborhoods. White Oak, Red Oak, Poplar, Pine, Magnolia.

This one is on my street. That pile of logs is bigger than my car. It's just a tiny bit of the tree that crushed the back of the house.

You wouldn't know it but the whole back of the house is nearly gone. It took 2 days, a huge crane, and many men before they got a tarp over the roof.

Plenty of garages took a beating and many cars.

The most common sight - pine trees that fell over roads and power lines.

So 14 hours after the storm we heard the tree fall. But it didn't fall on our house. At sun up we discovered that the tree feel diagonally across a tennis court wasting the fence and net. But at least it didn't hit a house or a person. Were lucky this time.

On a lighter note, Flora Dora has moved from Amsterdam Walk to Cheshire Bridge right across the street from Antiques and Beyond. Tony the owner of Flora Dora defines vivacity. His is a master of silk flowers, Christmas trees for office towers and department stores, and his own store. Oh, and upside down Christmas trees.

Tony has the gift of design and the gift of gab. My daughter #1 bought a small vase there. She asked Tony for a silk flower to go in it. We could barely keep up with him on his way back to the flower warehouse. Then as he talked with us he found the right stem and one by one, unfolded and bent each leaf and petal until it came alive.

Anyway Flora Dora is a fun shop and I like these chairs.

Thanks much,

Returning control back to Julia at her "Hooked on Friday's" blog party.


  1. I like those chairs too :-)

    Ouch about the falling trees :-( We have some big ones in our neighbourhood too. Hope they all stay standing!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. I have no idea there had been that kind of damage. That is terrible.

  3. Hey there- I am (North) Georgia girl, and we are still seeing some damage here. So sad, the downed trees. I did not see home damage so much, but, many large trees gone. We have had SO much rain! Hope you have a rain-free Friday and Saturday. It returns once again on Sunday!


  4. wow, that's really too bad about the tree damage.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love those chairs!

    All those trees down reminds me of the ice storm that we had here this past winter. Trees are beautiful, but dangerous at the same time!

    Happy Friday!

  6. Happy to hear that your home wasn't damaged - the news of the person killed is tragic. Fun chairs.

  7. Glad to hear you had no tree damage. I didn't realize the weather was so fierce right now there. We have a huge pine in our front yard we always watch in a storm just waiting for the day it falls....

  8. Holy crow! Those trees-down pictures are frightening. I had no idea Atlanta had had such a bad storm.

    Old trees are beautiful indeed but as their root systems age they can be time bombs.

    How traumatic for those families to have their houses damaged that badly. We think of our homes as our protection from Mother Nature!

    We had a dormer roof on our former house damaged by a falling tree, and our stone dock steps crushed by one (our house was on a river), but never anything like that! Scary.

    Hey, I like your decorator's "house for sale, house for living" philosophy! Yes, truly not the same thing. It is very different doing a house without the kids in residence, and takes some getting used to! Thanks for your insight; the comments on my Hooked On post have been really terrific, and most helpful!
    Best --- Cass

  9. Are you allowed to cut trees down if they are too near the house and would cause damage if they fell??

  10. You can remove "Dead, Diseased, Dying, or Hazardous Trees." You contact the city to get an inspection and a permit.

    All the donwned trees I saw were alive. When the weather is good, we love the trees. And even if you have a permit to take one down, it can be very expensive. About $500 minimum just to get the trucks and men to your property.

    I have 10 big trees, maybe more that could fall on my house. One did about 10 years ago. Several are on my neighbor's property. All are alive right now.

    What to do?

  11. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am having a great time reading all of your posts on your great site.(I would kill for those chairs)

    We have a 50 ft. Queen Palm in our front yard that is just waiting to be a projectile through our front window during a future hurricane. It is beautiful, but I have no illusions about it's potential for destruction. It's true about home insulation in the winter months, however Florida homes have nothing beneath the floors but concrete. Our tile gets a little chilly to walk on when frost threatens.



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