Monday, January 26, 2009

A little house dominates Wieuca Road at Phipps Boulevard

Update: Check out James' Limestones and Boxwood 9-20-2010 blog post for some great pictures and info about this house.

n a 3-way face off between Phipps skyscrapers and Wieuca Road Baptist Church, this spectacular little house on the corner wins by a mile. Who designed and built this beauty? Who were the brick masons, the roofers, the metalworkers, the window builders?


It looks like it might have been there since the Revolution. I love the brick architrave / frieze.

Rustication, massive limestone lentils on the 2nd floor, pilasters, "X" themed windows and balcony, tile roof, stunning but elegant brickwork make an ordinary box into a landmark.

It's on a prominent corner in it's own little park. Go slowly and take it in.

A Girl Scout troop made a landscape guide.

It delights architecture tourists every time.

The competition:


  1. This house was featured in one of the local interior design magazines a few years ago. The interior is quite beautiful, although I don't know if I would want to be so 'exposed' at the intersection of three busy roads!

  2. I have always assumed this home was built when the adjacent Hedgewood Homes Development was built, but would love to know if it is by a local architect. I, too, have always admired this home. I drive past almost daily on the way to job sites and have to agree that the location is quite exposed, but it's a pleasure to see as I await my turn on the Buckhead loop! Glad to find your site... I'm a landscape architect who discovered your site thru Decatur Metro.

  3. Enjoyed your take on this Terry.

  4. Terry, sorry for not remembering you had posted this house. I knew I had seen it on a blog, but thought it had been Blayne's because I assumed she photographed it for the Beacham Series (we still need to check on that). It's interesting to take a look back at your photos and see the house without the ivy. The ivy really adds charm in my opinion. I'm linking over to this post from mine so that folks can see the before ivy phase.


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