Friday, January 23, 2009

I visit the wonderful Wigwam building and neighborhood in Atlanta's Old 4th Ward

Lucky day for me yesterday: Chad Mason, local musician and good guy, invited me to visit his Wigwam home. Built in 1940, it's an international style chunk of Miami Beach planted at the east end of the MLK historic district. Here is some more Wigwam info from another fan.

Here is the wonderful Indian Brave keeping watch over the Wigwam and neighborhood.

Architecture tourists will find more than a cool building. It's at a great but an unsung Atlanta 5-points corner: Old Wheat Street, Auburn Avenue, and Randolph Street. Where else can you find the Martin Luther Home, Ebenezer Baptist Church and this strawberry door?

A Greek revival townhouse

The fountain, the palm tree, the pastels:


The 4th ward tower:

A couple of churches:


We architecture tourists have a gold mine on Auburn Avenue which deserves many more blog entries. Get over there and enjoy!

There are more Wigwam neighborhood pictures in my Flickr slide show.


  1. Love your post about the Wigwam. I am the one who saved it from crackhousedom back in 2004. I also did the two buildings next to it as well as the redo of what was a ghetto grocery and now is Lotta Frutta. I have more information about the neighborhood on my blog ( and some before and after photos on Flickr (

  2. Loved it! Especially the courtyard fountain made with the little blue tiles! Wow! Looks like the palm in the courtyard was a Windmill palm. Perfect place for it where it can grow protected from the wind! Great post!

  3. Judi, Chad brags on you and I've visited your blog many times. Thanks for the link to the story and pictures. I wanted to get up on the roof to check out the view but that look way to scary.

  4. In your blog, you point out so many of the things I love to pass on my walks around Atlanta. Not just Lotta Frutta and the abandoned church across the way, but also the railroad bridge on Ormewood Ave., and many other things. Great blog!


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