Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Iron works at the Tomlinson Gardens on Peachtree in Brookhaven

Look at those shadows. Wow. I didn't notice until I got the picture on my computer. The Tomlinson Gardens has a French colonial look. It's on a huge lot for the area. It's GREEN. It has a bit of worn seediness that would go for charm in New Orleans. It's doomed as a tear-down.

On the very same day I found this entry: "RAILINGS & SHADOWS: The New York Stoop Paintings Of Andrew Jones" about paintings the focus on just such shadows. From now on I'm paying more attention.
Architecture tourists need to get there fast to enjoy 100's of feet of elaborate cast iron columns, cornices, and balconies amid huge leggy hollys.

It's will be a gold mine for the salvage yard.

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