Saturday, January 17, 2009

The best new building on Monroe Drive since, like, forever...

Here is Ansley Parkside, (designed by Harrison Design Associates) in the mid-winter, late afternoon sun. It's a smack-on-the-street Italianate condo right across the street from the Ansley Kroger (I think you can call that new urbanism). Until the economy rebounds Ansley Parkside will probably be stuck at only 2 buildings.

Here is what they tore down. Across the street from Ansley Mall are a bunch of apartments that aren't exactly high-style or looking their best right now. But they are affordable and in a terrific location: slightly downscale amid the best intown neighborhoods. In a good economy, they are doomed. Monroe Drive itself is an essential street in NE Atlanta. More on Monroe / Boulevard as a great street in another post some day.
Ansley Parkside Before

Here is a 1930's apartment (now condo) on Virginia Avenue for comparison. Unless you are an architecture tourist, you might call this an old dump behind a convenience store. If built today with the modern conveniences, it would be be high-end and high-style.

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