Friday, January 30, 2009

Briarlake farmhouse vernacular beauty

FLASH March 14 2009. I've just learned that this is the John N. Gresham home place built Built in the 1880s(?) by Forrest P. Hudson another picture.

It's a farmhouse with out-buildings. It's inside I-285! You probably can't even see it in summer. Unless you live in the neighborhood or are an extreme architecture tourist, you'll never see it in any season. It's on a relatively huge property and is certainly doomed to be a tear-down.

It's a southern version of a "connected-building vernacular" described in Katie Hutchison's House Enthusiast post. Ms. Hutchison's example is in Maine, where keeping warm is the thing. Down here, cooling off on the porch is the thing.

Well, I'm totally charmed. I regret that I'll never know how this home came to be and how it managed to stay around this long.

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  1. I see this place all the time. Doesn't someone live there?


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