Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Road Trip 9: Oliver, Georgia the Beautiful Speed Trap?

When you are flying up Highway 17, the speed limit signs come on fast. But that wasn't our particular problem.

We could have gotten a ticket for going too slow in Oliver Georgia. It's a little gem about 20 miles east if Stateboro. We drove around Oliver in the rain. Glad we did.

The only sign we saw directed us to municipal court.

IMG_2994  2014-09-29 Oliver GA Police car and municipal court
Here it is on Schoolhouse Road.

We turned up Clark Street and hit Railroad Avenue, Old Louisville Road and took a little jog to Kildare. We'd have gotten out of the car if it wasn't raining.

IMG_2985 2014-09-29 Oliver Georgia

IMG_2987 2014-09-29 Oliver Georgia

 IMG_2988 2014-09-29 Oliver, Georgia

IMG_2989 2014-09-29 Oliver, Georgia

IMG_2990 2014-09-29 Guyton GA Little Ogeechee Baptist Church
Little Ogeechee Baptist Church is on Old Louisville Road

 IMG_2993  2014-09-29 Oliver GA Little Ogeechee Baptist Church 
Thanks to Brian Brown at Vanishing South Georgia we have some good information on the Little Ogeechee Baptist Church. I hope Historic Rural Churches of Georgia is on the way.
"Church was used in a movie in 1974 called 'Buster and Billie'”

"The church was established 222 yrs ago. The present structure is the third in the history of the church and was build in 1912. There is a grave yard attached to the church property."
20140929_150618   2014-09-29 Oliver GA Yellow house Drive Home from Hilton Head
Corner of Railroad and Schoolhouse.

20140929_150935 2014-09-29 Oliver GA  city hall Drive Home from Hilton Head
We found City Hall.

20140929_150844  2014-09-29 Oliver GA  post office Drive Home from Hilton Head
And the post office.

IMG_3002 2014-09-29 Oliver GA Oliver's on 24 church
We took a little jog up Highway 24 and found Oliver on 24 which sure looked like a church.

IMG_3005 2014-09-29 Oliver GA Oliver's on 24 church
Maybe a meeting place / wedding chapel now.

IMG_3006 2014-09-29 Oliver GA Oliver's blue house
There's a pretty blue next door with some stabilizing columns, a good sign.

20140929_150658   2014-09-29 Oliver GA sandy road near yellow house Drive Home from Hilton Head
Hope to come back on a pretty day.

20140929_151613 2014-09-29 Oliver GA Oliver's on 24 church tk selfie
Next stop: Rocky Ford.


  1. If you had gone another block West, across 24, on Old Louisville Road you would have found the best gem - 134 Old Louisville Rd - the old Loughboro Estate.

    1. I still dream of the years we lived in that very special house at 134 Old Louisville Rd in the early 1960s when my father, the Rev. W.L. Bolton was pastor at the Little Ogeechee Baptist Church. Can you provide more info about the Loughboro Estate?

  2. Thanks for that tip, anonymous! Loughboro Estate is beautiful! What's the story behind it? I took a nice pic if anyone would like to see it.


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