Thursday, October 30, 2014

Road Trip 16: Riddleville Georgia's 1917 Corner Beauty

Riddleville is a crossroads between Bartow and Sandersville where Highway 242 crosses 231.

I think it's "J Y Bryan & Sons 1917." It has one of those dogeared corner entrances I like so much, lot's of fine brick detailing too. The diagonal "honors" and "activates the corner by facing in. You'll find this in our best feeling corners.

20140929_173911 2014-09-29 Riddleville Georgia drive Home from Hilton Head
Apart from the visual appeal the cut corner is a gift to the street. It lets you see around the corner a bit, makes you feel a bit safer.

We've seen these before.

20140929_165612 2014-09-29 Midville Georgia City Hall Jones at Troot Street Drive Home from Hilton Head
Midville City Hall.

And were still seeing these. And it's a fine thing.

Kevin Gillespie's restaurant, Gunshow in Glenwood Park has a massive corner column in keeping with its bulky building. It's a good look.

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