Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Road Trip 12: We Missed Most of Millen Georgia but Hope to Return

Driving north on 17 our introduction to Millen was this mansion in the middle of a low-rise housing project.

This can't be the only one, can it? But we were in a rush hoping to make Sparta before dark.

20140929_161542 2014-09-29 Drive Home from Hilton Head Millen Georgia
We took a jog west on Cotton Avenue. Commercial on the north side.

20140929_161629 2014-09-29 Drive Home from Hilton Head Pal Theater Millen Georgia
Millen's Pal Theater looks fine for now.

Losing the innards of the basket handle arch.

20140929_161906 2014-09-29 Millen Georgia train and train station Drive Home from Hilton Head
Cotton Avenue fronts the tracks. Millen must be a great train watching place: "Awesome N(orfolk) S(southern) Action in Millen, GA 2/15/14" is indeed awesome.

20140929_162138 2014-09-29 Millen Georgia Drive Home from Hilton Head
We found this kitty-cornered from the courthouse at College and Harvey. Look at those tall windows.

But we were out of time. We stopped at McDonalds at the intersection of 17 and 23 then headed west toward Midville.

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