Monday, June 30, 2014

Five Atlanta Architects Build Their Own Homes

Five Atlanta residential architects will live their in own designs and I want to know everything.

I'm sorry to tease.  I know the who, the what, and except for one the where. But it's personal. And each architect can leverage the house, the design, and the story, perhaps get published. And publishers want exclusives.

I'll show you the before's: One occupied, one just started, one nearly done, one about 1/4 done, one a mystery.

Torn down. It's on a 1911 Sanborn® Fire Insurance Map but it hasn't had a future for a long time. I've toured the new one. It's a not so big modern that I really like.

I toured this one. It's clever, a 1,175 square footer build from a kit in 1971. It's been stripped of salvageable material awaiting the wrecker. The new one will be a "not so big" modernist but the architect is coy about the specifics.

The big renovation is underway. The is before, built 1925 about 1,700 square feet. It's the most interesting challenge. It had been ruined by home-brewed renovations but its craziness amused me. I'll bet they hollowed it out inside. It will keep this basic shape.

It's nearly done and it still looks like this from the front. I've had a tour. Inside it's spacious and special, bigger than a not so big house but you can't tell from here. Built in 1940.

The mystery house? The folks who know are keeping it secret. I presume they are going whole hog PR / marketing on it. I've heard one detail but they could be teasing me.

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