Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Modernist View from Bell Street Burritos

We mourned when Bell Street Burritos moved out of Irwin Street Market. The Beltline people watching was getting better and better. Please move back there ASAP.

But the new Peachtree location in Brookwood feels more cosmopolitan. So go outside while they are fixing your burritos. Go out and have a look.

The Peachtree Palisades Building (1964 I think) was known as "the building of death" when it was black. White is way better. Anyone know who designed it?

IMG_8281-2014-07-07 Peachtree Palisades Building at 1819 Peachtree Street  from Bell Street Burritos better contrast circa 1964
I started paying attention again when architect Greg Walker's firm Houser Walker moved there. P.S. Tony Wilburt discussed the building on his Skyline Views blog.

Then turn north towards the blue.

IMG_8289-2014-07-07 Sheffield Medical Building from Bell Street Burritos Peachtree Street red arrow  circa 1958
The Sheffield Medical Building (1958, I think) is a terminated vista when you drive north. It's at the top of heartbreak hill.

IMG_8288-2014-07-07 Sheffield Medical Building from Bell Street Burritos Peachtree Street sharper circa 1958
It's the view that refreshes and it's looking pretty good these days.

And while were talking about galvanized stock tanks...

IMG_8284-2014-07-07 Peachtree Street Bell Street Burritos watering trough planters by Tarter
Bell Street uses them as planters. Lowe's sells them.


  1. Joe Amisano designed the Peachtree Pallisades building. (Toombs Amisano & Wells)

    1. Thanks Udog, Obit: http://www.docomomo-us.org/news/obituary_joseph_amisano_19172008

  2. Terry - we have some archival photos of when it was first completed. It also used to house Scogin Elam Bray (or maybe it was still Scogin + Parker, the prior incarnation). Mack and Merrill's own home is just a few blocks back into the neighborhood.


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