Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dude Working WAY UP THERE on Corey Tower

On my way into town on Dekalb Avenue yesterday I stopped on the connector bridge. Was there somebody up there? 

Yep, there he is. Read more on the tower below.

The tower is 300 feet tall.

Looks like they've just lifted a panel.

IMG_6519-2014-06-04-Corey-Tower-smokestack-building-digital-sign-wip-dude up high detail
Unhooking the left.

IMG_6520-2014-06-04-Corey-Tower-smokestack-building-digital-sign-wip detail dude working high


Walk it over.

There you go.

I hope he's taking some pictures.

Corey Tower to be transformed into giant digital sign that will be Atlanta's most glorious landmark forever and ever Max Blau for Creative Loafing

Structure of the Week: The Corey Tower Rebecca Burns for Atlanta Magazine

At Last! Corey Tower's Digital Billboard Has Arrived From Utah   Kimberly Turner for Curbed Atlanta

P.S. Say Hello on the Modern Atlanta Home Tour. I'm docent at Oakview on Saturday morning and at Welbourne on Sunday morning.

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  1. How about the guys who just painted the new COREY on the tower?


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