Saturday, May 31, 2014

Atlanta's Roundhouse and Round Townhouse - Embracing Spaces, Gladiator Meetups

I'd have never found these places but for TEDxAtlanta and the Inman Park Tour of Homes. I didn't actually attend TEDx, I just explored the building and bingo! These are Architecture Tourist knockouts, one a lot more cozy than the other.

Of course A Pattern Language has something to say about "covex" spaces:
Outdoor spaces which are merely 'left over' between buildings will, in general, not be used. Therefore: Make all the outdoor spaces which surround and lie between your buildings positive. Give each one some degree of enclosure..."

This is the roundhouse at Atlanta Northyards re-purposed as lofty offices. They hold TedX Atlanta in this building. Bauder College is across the green to the left of this picture.

"All of the Southern passenger trains were serviced at the North Avenue Roundhouse and Shops, light repairs were made and excursion trains assembled, A turntable in front of the Roundhouse allowed for an engine to be put in any of the bays inside. The steam engines were watered, and coal loaded."  - Marietta Street Artery

IMG_4394 2014-04-26 Inman Village Townhomes Round Townhouse from Inman Park Festival
This is the round townhouse in Inman Park Village. This is rare: Townhouses NOT fronting a street or parking lot. The BeltLine and Rathbun's are behind these to the right of this picture.

The turntable was here. It's not a particularly comfortable place to hang. There's no transparency in these blackout windows. You feel like everyone is watching you. There's only one door. Very cool place though.

Here's how to find your way.

IMG_4395 2014-04-26 Inman Village Townhomes Round Townhouse from Inman Park Festival
Even when no one's around this shows signs of life, many doors, many homes.

Here's how to find it.

It's a good place for a gladiator meetup.


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