Sunday, May 4, 2014

Artists and Bunny Cake

At the first sign of bloggers block I go for the bunny cake, then the artists, then the bunny cake.

But first an invitation, we'd sure like to meet you: Please join us for a city-living-blogger smackdownMike Hadden - New Urban Roswell and Darin Givens - Atlanta Urbanist and Coner Lee - History Atlanta, and me on May 15, 2014, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Steel Restaurant and Lounge - 950 West Peachtree St NW. More info.

The bunny cake (thanks Rachel) did its duty for family and friends.

John Ishmael, during Atlanta's First Thursday Downtown Art Walk.

Troy Farina, First Thursday Downtown Art Walk

Michelle Merringer, First Thursday Downtown Art Walk

Lonnie Holley (standing) "It's Like Coming Home" at Cash Rojas Projects

Kris Pilcher and Kelly Blackmon, "ICONNED" at Artmatch Gallery

Craig Drennen (with Christina Caudill) "Characters" at Stanley Beaman & Sears

Cardboard chair models, many artists, Georgia Tech School of Architecture

IMG_3657-2014-04-02-paint-awning-sign-636-N-Highland-Ave-next-to-Highland-Inn detail
Day job, didn't get their names

Imperial Opa Circus rehersing, McTell Street for Flux Projects 

IMG_3967 Sam Parker
Sam Parker "Returning Home" Kai Lin Art

IMG_3977  Peter Ferrari TK
Peter Ferrari "Returning Home" Kai Lin Art

IMG_3980  Larry Jens Anderson
Larry Jens Anderson "Returning Home" Kai Lin Art 

Jessica Caldas "Two Houses" at Chastain Arts Center Atlanta

Aubrey Longley Cook "Two Houses" at Chastain Arts Center Atlanta

IMG_4135 2014-04-17 GTlork | GaTECH Laptop Ensemble & New Music Ensemble at the Goat Farm Arts Center Georgia Tech Music
GTlork: the Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra at the Goat Farm.

Georgia State Opera performs "The Crucible" for lunch at the Rialto.

MOMO for Living Walls at the Boulevard Tunnel

Jon Ciliberto and Jimmy Lo - poetry artists McTell Street for Flux Projects 

IMG_4237 Tuba Choir West End
Tuba choir at Streets Alive - West End

Ashley Anderson helping MOMO for Living Walls at the Boulevard Tunnel

IMG_4356 2014-04-26 Max and Maggie were at the Inman Park Festival. — with Max Godfrey and Maggie Hall.
Max Godfrey and Maggie Hall aka Max and Maggie busked at the Inman Park Festival and I'm glad they did.

Ben Steele "From This a Mountain" at {poem88}(sorry about the reddish face Ben, maybe my camera was having a blood moon or something)

Pandra Williams at "Second Nauture" Barbara Archer Gallery and The Goat Farm

The Boulevard tunnel was a lot of work by a lot of people.

IMG_4538 2014-05-02 Mary Jane Huegel herself  Marietta Square first Friday Artwalk Georgia Red Door Art Gallery & Studio
Mary Jane Huegel at Red Door Art Gallery

IMG_4540 Donita Pendered herself  Marietta Square first Friday Artwalk Georgia Red Door Art Gallery & Studio
Donita Pendered at Red Door Art Gallery 

IMG_4525 2014-05-02 Marietta Square first Friday Artwalk Georgia dk Gallery
Thanks to Donna Krueger proprietor of  dk Gallery for getting out the my first Marietta Square Artwalk

Boulevard Tunnel gear.

Whew, time for Bunny Cake.


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