Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Loves of the Architecture Tourist: Which of These Should I Blog?

I have a backlog of 50+ blogs but that sounds like work.

Will you help me prioritize?

1. Are their lovable places on the Beltline or do we just love the potential?

2. What are the dimensions of urban lovability / livability according to Reid Ewing?

3. What are three lovable things about sprawl according to Reid Ewing?

4. Why should we love the vernacular mindset according to Andrés Duany?

5. What are 4 things Andrés Duany loves about Atlanta?

6. Why don't I don't love "buildings so cool I can't tell what they are?"

7. Why do I love live painting?

8. Why should we love public monuments?

9.  Any lovable suggestions?

Not this:



  1. Video was PAINFUL!!!! I felt like I was watching death. Well, it was death. I vote for "Why do I love painting?" Or "Why don't I love buildings so cool I can't tell what they are?"

  2. Whichever one goes along with the Beltline Bike Shop! They're doing amazing things!


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