Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jewel Box Lobby #3 the William-Oliver Building

It's a condo now, you can't just walk into it's jewel box lobby. You can knock and ask the guard. That's what I did.


"...the Deco style sold. And it was the Beaux-Arts architects that evolved into the leading Art Deco designers...

"Pringle and Smith.returned to the prime real estate of Five Points to present their masterpiece of Art Deco design William-Oliver Building at Five Points, (1930)....

"...The tan brick and comparably colored ornamental panels bring a monochromatic plainness to the building, but the ornament sparkles..."  - Robert M. Craig, The Architecture of Francis Palmer Smith, Atlanta's Scholar Architect

The promising entrance is on Peachtree at the northeast corner of the building.

This is the vestibule. I couldn't get the smile off my face for 24 hours: white, tan/orange, black, and purple stone with brassy brass.

Though it's shiny and showy, the lighting is subdued. You don't feel like YOU are on display, know what I mean?

The transom looking from the lobby toward ceiling medallion of the vestibule.

Look up. I've been chuckling about the ceiling for five days. From here it looks like the most elaborate picture frame.

Are modern lobbies this exuberant?

I wonder who did the ceiling.

There are two kinds of medallions, this it the polychrome.

The elevator dial still works.

It was named after developer Thomas G. Healey's grandsons William and Oliver.

I think a lobby like this is good the disposition. It is for mine.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get in there! The ceiling murals are heavenly!

  2. wonderful colors and style, thanks for your blog.

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  4. Didn't know we had that kind of architecture here in first glance, I thought maybe you were in the Chrysler Building in NYC. Thanks for sharing, Terry!

  5. I live here - and have for over ten years - because of that amazing deco lobby. I keep begging the board to tend to the ceiling murals ...we have water-leak issues, and it's really looking shabby.


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