Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hanging In: Hapeville's Stone Church After a Week of Demolition

I want to see the inside so bad, it almost hurts. Yesterday, I got a glimpse.

Maybe these pictures will trigger your memories. I'd love to read your comments. I ask a lot questions below.

I hope there is still to time save it. You can sign the petition: "Save the Hapeville First Baptist Church Stone Sanctuary from Demolition." A big check and a plan would work better.

Demolition started Monday, October 29, maybe earlier. I visited yesterday, Saturday. November 3 just before dusk. The light was just right for me to see into a window.

So far there is no wrecking ball, no demolition/excavator, no line of dump trucks.. Workman are dismantling it from the inside, hard dangerous work I'm sure.

You can't really see what's going on. Is it just a shell?

Workers hand out lumber and debris though the old windows. There was just enough light to "see" inside with my telephoto. As much as I'd like to see inside I don't dare get close.

Is this a balcony or a choir loft? Is the chancel to the east (left) or west (right)?

The ceiling is partially gone. Looks like there is some temporary bracing.

This really confuses me. See the window with the blind arch over there? It is not expressed on the outside.

Did they board up the window when they built the new education building? Did it ever have stained glass? Reader, do you know?

A little Photoshopping helped me bring out some detail.

I gasped when I saw a patch of ceiling.

Is this how you remember it?

I wasn't expecting to see anything, certainly not sturdy, handsomely detailed beams and what looks like metal panels.

Impressive. What about the chandeliers? Do you remember?

Is the granite structural? No. It's a decorative stick-on veneer. If it was structural, it would be a national treasure and mighty hard to tear down and haul off.

Your eye will never trust this arch.

This is from 1954. The portico was still there, and the stained glass. Permisson to use this image purchased from the Atlanta History Center.

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