Saturday, November 24, 2012

Browning Courthouse, Tucker, Georgia circa 1860

Thanks to the Tucker Historical Society for saving this noble little building and moving it here where we can fall in love

LaVista Road, Georgia 268, is how you get from I-285 to Tucker. It's a 5-laner. Not a burger-row, but you just want to get through it. And get though you must, it's my route to the legendary Handy Hardware, and the to fine town of Tucker.

"Most landmarks and focal points in cities - of which we need more, not fewer - come from the contrast of use radically different from its surroundings, and therefore inherently special-looking, happily located to make some drama and contrast of the inherent difference ... noble buildings ... set within the matrix of the city, instead being sorted out and withdrawn into 'courts of honor'"- Page 228, ”The Death and Life of Great American Cities” - Jane Jacobs, Vintage Books Edition 1991

For years I've wondered what the heck this place is.

Last week after visiting the dentist across the street I ran across the 5 lanes for a closer look. It's picturesque fronting the modernish Tucker Recreation Center. Looks like there's a pilgrim in the yard!


 The landscaping is so modest and so comfortable: woodchips in a garden grown wild. (design pattern 172. GARDEN GROWING WILD)

You can rent the place, get married here. I approve.

It wasn't open but I got took a picture though the window.

If you've got a couple of minutes, stop and enjoy it on foot.

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You can't miss it.


  1. Simplicity personified, can't quite tell what wood the interior is?

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  3. Remember well where it was located before present location!

    Potbelly stove, inside, came from a house at Lake Rabun owned by Louise Cofer.

    Did you meander the old Tucker Elementary? Looks much like my elementary school in Texas. It was the era.

    LaVista is perfectly described by YOU.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. Glad you made it across the 5 lanes of traffic!

  5. "'Browning Courthouse' was located at the corner of Fellowship Rd and Lavista Rd" thanks to Kathy Powell

  6. I have a car that was owned by one of the Justice of the Peace that held court in this building his name was Judge Mathis.

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  8. I love to see buildings like this. It brings me back to my childhood when I studied American History and visited many circa 1800's buildings. It's literally right around the corner from my Tucker chiropractor office.


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