Monday, September 17, 2012

We want to live in a Green Quonset Hut with a Cathedral Ceiling

Is this most eye-catching building in the Old 4th Ward? It was love at first sight for me but I thought we'd never meet.

It's on Sampson Street two lots north of the Irwin Street Market, almost in sight of Studioplex, next door to MINT Gallery. But you can find it with your heart.

What a composition: Oversize green Quonset hut with Airstream. I'm not sure it's a bona fide Airstream or genuine Quonset hut but who cares. Tax records say it was built in 1950; it's my age.

I got a tip, got lucky. We architecture tourists make our own luck.

Yesterday just happened be the very first Old Fourth Ward Tour of Homes. One of the tour's home owners suggested I visit the hut because Mitch was always there.

Wow, it's even better on the inside. Mitch said, "yep."

It's a double.

5,022 square feet of burning love.

And you know what? The back is as pretty as the front.

The back door is smack on the BeltLine a stones throw from Kevin Rathbun Steak.  If all goes well, this may become a million dollar view.

In the meantime you can enjoy the inside, enjoy the outside, and pick up your sticker.

And say hello to Mitch. He's got some crazy stuff in there so bring a few bucks.


  1. Oh I want to live there too, how wonderful, same age as me as well. When I was a kid I lived in a quonset hut once, this one is a real jewel.

  2. There is (or used to be) a skating rink in Pensacola, Florida built inside two of these buildings. It was called, "The Barrels"

    1. That is a fine thing for Pensacola and Pensacolans.

  3. That's not an airstream in the first pic. It's an even cooler and more rare Spartan travel trailer. they were made in the same plant as the Spartan airplanes.


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