Sunday, September 9, 2012

Teardown Heartbreaker Pt. 2 - Floorplan and Before Pictures

(See "This Teardown Should Break Some Hearts Pt. 1")

By the time I see a teardown, the trail is cold. Not this time, the architect, David S. Cuttino Jr., left a legacy worthy of study. He designed a familiar Druid Hills landmark, the Briar Hills Apartments and much more including this Cliff May style "California Ranch."

So when the house came up for sale, folks noticed and we have some pictures. See "This Teardown Should Break Some Hearts Pt. 1."

"Dr. Richard Cloues of Georgia's Historic Preservation Division had done some research on the architect and residence, which may have been one of the first in the metro Atlanta area."

Mr. & Mrs. T.H. Styers residence completed 1940, Atlanta, 3,000 square feet, $23,525.00. Probably 2,237 of heated space.

So this is a 3/2. Interesting too that there is no real powder room. From the public rooms you must go though a bedroom or office to find the John. 

The front faces east and is really the back. The windows from left to right: pantry, bath, office/bedroom, sun-room, bedroom.


A peek into the sunroom reveals a fireplace and a view all the way though the living room to the motor court.


The sun-room faces east, the door faces south. The door doesn't look operable.

A little Photoshop jiggering and we can see the beams, the brick, the boards of different widths.

The kitchen is on the south side of the house and has it's own door.

The kitchen is on the wall side.

I like that the windows are squeezed close to the door.

Very pleasant, this is where I want to take the groceries. Notice that the "orange" bricks are longer than the red bricks.

The back is the front. The main entry is on the motor court.

The windows from right to left: kitchen, dining room, living room garage.

I've PhotoShopped the entry door and porch so we can see the details.

The north side has two bedrooms and a Jack and Jill bath.

The water suggests the difficulties in restoring a 72 year old house. Not a good look for a prospective buyer.

I PhotoShopped the porch. Interesting that the bedroom hall has an outside door, very handy in a fire.

This is the way in.

We see the west facing dining room window.

The living room beams, brick fireplace wall, door to the bedroom hall, doors to the sun-room.

Couple more pictures?

This is the north side, the bedroom and bathroom windows, the back door to the garage.

How do you like the rafter tails? How many details have I missed.

Stay tuned to Hearbreaker Pt. 3.

(See "This Teardown Should Break Some Hearts Pt. 1")


  1. What a great house and a great loss.

  2. I do hope someone reclaimed or will reclaim the roof tiles. I have tiles on installed from the Berkshire teardown. They are now on their third building in about a century (Berkshire was the second structure to wear the roof tiles).

  3. I am so holding my breath. These photos are something else. I can't imagine Part III ...

    1. TSL the pretty is all done until the new houses go up.


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