Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dana Fine Arts by Night

It was a 2-fer, a great event in a great space. I went to the opening of  "Groundstory." at Agnes Scott's Dalton Gallery last Thursday night. The Dalton is in Dana, one of my favorite places especially at night. Follow "Dalton Gallery of Agnes Scott College" on Facebook to learn more.

The Charles A. Dana Fine Arts Building at Agnes Scott College was designed by Edwards & (John) Portman and dedicated in 1965. Wherever you come down on John Portman, you might enjoy the Dana. It's clever, it's fun, and it takes whatever the students dish out.

Let me give you a hint of Dana at that night.

Dana is a modern that echos Agnes Scott's university Gothic style.

It's a classroom, studio, and office building that happens to contains galleries, a theater, surprises, and a lived-in look.

The Dalton Gallery crowd has a personality of it's own: fans like me, artists, professors, students, "Scotties" and "Decaturites." It was shoulder to shoulder and lots of folks knew each other.

Groundstory had more than I could take in one visit. "Louis Tugs a Tug" by Gina Philips got a lot a attention. I want the "Terry Tugs a Tug" a tug version..

P1120465-2012-09-27-Groundstory-at-Dalton-Gallery-Agnes-Scott-College-Theres-No-Place-Like-credits-by Carr--Orisich-dyptic
There's a charming short movie, "There's No Place Like...," by Benita Carr and Bill Orisich. Don't miss the levitating ladies.

Stefanie Jackson's four (five?) large paintings bowled me over.

There's much more but this post is about Dana at night.

The gallery was closing but once outside I didn't want to leave.

The view changed with every step..


"Groundstory" runs until November 17, 2012 . Follow "Dalton Gallery of Agnes Scott College" on Facebook.


  1. Dana is indeed beautiful in that early 1960's sort of simple way - reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas where all the trees were pointy metal - modern for that time.

    Clever of you to point out that buildings take on different personalities at night. I'll remember to take a second look.

    1. Agnes Scott has some impressive interiors but there are few occasions for ordinary folks to see them. Dana is the most fun. Not everything works nor does it delight every taste. But I enjoy my visits every time.


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