Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vistas at Modern Atlanta 2012

We only had time for 4 houses at the Modern Atlanta home tour this year but I was overwhelmed.

It's hard enough to keep the familiar in my head and these modern homes are anything but familiar.

I mostly put away my objectivity and my camera and went along for the ride.

I found myself looking out as much as looking in..

I found myself enjoying scenes like this. Did the architect - Scott West - intend this vista? Did he design it just for me?

Did Matt Walsh design this for just me? I spent the afternoon as docent at Matt and Fran's house admiring the view. I'm sure he intended this "window overlooking life." See Pattern 192 of  A Pattern Language.

It takes a big painting to balance this smallish window thanks to the architects Cara Cummins and Jose Tavel from TaC Studios

This is Bill Carpenter from Lightroom STUDIO (fingers on chin). In this house I felt sheltered from the elements but I didn't feel "inside."

Wait 'til next year.


  1. This was a great year. I visited all the houses. And I, too, felt overwhelmed! The house on Ninth Street by Joel Kelly (you've blogged about it) was wonderful—it never ceases to amaze me what a great designer can do inside a modern 'box'. Likewise, the house on East Avenue. There seemed to be some common themes amongst the houses this year: water at the front entry, floating staircases, lots of outdoor living spaces, great art, lots of volume (wow—the Walsh house!). Enjoy your blog. Thanks.

    1. I'd like the visit them all, think about it for a week and return with a plan. That would be too exhausting for the owners.

    2. I saw 9th at Argonne before it was finished. What I liked best was the view from the roof of surrounding houses, a view you just can't get from the street.


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