Friday, June 29, 2012

Teardown 2 of 5 is done, in Morningside, French doors, shutters, 8 columns

Five neighborhood tear-downs are complete. Here is the second, a spec house on .2297 acres sold before it was complete. It's by Phillip Pettis Homes, Inc.

Here is house 1 of 5, house 2 of 5, house 3 of 5, house 4 of 5, and house 5 of 5, house 6 of 5. house 7 of 5.

I think Philip and I are on the same wave length. I blogged another project of his on Merton.

He wrote me about this one:
I carefully studied the street and the entire 4 block area and sketched the front to fit in .... your thoughts?

You may be interested to know that it is the smallest new house I have ever built... our focus is on "smart sized homes" that are highly energy efficient....not McMansion's.
P1020446-2011-12-14-916 Amsterdam-teardown-or-poptop-south-facade-before
This one started in a "Morningside" "Tudor-ish" style, built in 1930, renovated in 1960 according to Redfin. It was perhaps a 1,200 square footer when built.

This isn't a bad look but Tudor isn't in thing right now.

P1020446-2011-12-14-916 Amsterdam-teardown-or-poptop-south-facade-Chimney-Detail-before
I loved the chimney though it was mosly hidden in the bushes.

P1020445-2011-12-14-916 Amsterdam-teardown-or-poptop-before
The add-on didn't look so good, shown here stripped of its siding, perhaps asbestos siding.

The "new" addition was the last to fall.

It had a style soul-mate on the right, a low rancher duplex on the left.

The demo guys said the old part was tough, the new part was easy. You can see the house in context with the neighbors about halfway though this video.

Well it's gone.

P1090217-2012-06-16--916 Amsterdam-teardown-complete-full
Here is the glamor shot with crepe myrtle.

P1090215-2012-06-16--916 Amsterdam-teardown-complete-porch-columns-detail
I don't know where you come down on teardowns. I think this one is pretty darn good.

P1090218-2012-06-16--916 Amsterdam-teardown-complete-full-detail

Next: House 3 of 5 isn't like this one.

Here is house 1 of 5, house 2 of 5, house 3 of 5, house 4 of 5, and house 5 of 5, house 6 of 5. house 7 of 5.


  1. Interesting that you note that Tudor is "out" for Atlanta teardowns, it's all the rage in Bham. I like this one quite a bit, sort of looks like it wants porch railings to me...probably just low enough to evade code but looks too tall not to have them visually. At least to me. Regardless, very nice. Keep them coming...

    1. The next one, 3 of 5 is a bit Tudor-ish.

    2. I am trying to think about what style is being done in the new custom builds in Buckhead, which tend to have higher budgets and bigger lots. I would say the glorified barn look (somewhat English, somewhat Belgian) is alive and well. Stone front manses seem to be alive and well, of no particular style. I would agree, not as many Tudor these days, although there are a fair number of Tudor styles around, just not new. This might be a question for James of Limestone & Boxwoods.

      I would like to see some pictures of Birmingham tudors that are being built!

      - Holly

  2. I love that you are chronicling these and I agree that this one turned out very nicely.

  3. I like it! Fits lot nicely. I especially like the long windows on the front

  4. I really like this one - something about the scale, the lanterns, the pattern on the window - the color scheme, the landscaping - this one is great. Interesting that the 3 I have seen so far (1, 2, and 5) all have that big single dormer (might be the wrong term, but you know what I mean). I would like to see the attic in this one, the slope of the roof makes it seem like it would be a small space.


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